Planning For Your Goal goal without a plan is just a wish-

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Ever been in a situation where you really wanted some stuffs done and had set a timeline for its actualisation while you also looked forward to it as each day unfolds but in the long run,you find yourself clinching your fist and hitting it on any flat surface you see around simply because the time you had set for the goal is barely a day or two days to go and it’s all looking as though it can never become achievable. You become troubled and began to ask yourself why you didn’t set a plan at the first instance.Such situations are common especially in this twenty-first century where you are always trying to balance your life but time is never your ally.

Really,if you need to set goals,first, they need to be achievable ones,but more importantly, is to put up a plan inorder for its fruition and this is not a difficult thing to do.

Here are some useful tips to keep handy when it comes to putting up a plan for the next goal you hope to achieve:

  • Be Disciplined

When we set a timeline for any project or activities,it means we are going to ensure we work towards the timeline by being disciplined. It is only when we are disciplined that we can get things done as at when due.

To be disciplined is to remove any temptations that may come our way. Though this may seem uneasy but it’s the sure way to go. Temptations can come from families,friends,co-workers,social media,and neighbors. We must endeavour to put a check on them.

Discipline can also be applied to your finances. This is very crucial because I have seen cases of people who set goals which involves some form of financial considerations and at the long run,they were unable to achieve anything.

Warren Buffet,CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, puts it this way, “We don’t have to be smarter than the rest,we only have to be disciplined than the rest.”

Sometime ago,I had set a three-month time line to shop for some gift items for a distant relative.I had the savings intact and was looking forward to the day. Days rolled into weeks and weeks into a month,two month, and of course, the third month came. Behold,I checked into my savings and there are few notes left. It could not serve the purpose anylonger. My belief was that I still had enough time ahead and so I had dipped my hands into the savings not knowing that managing the discipline of time and finances is key to achieving success at any level.It was a moment of regret and I bit myself over and over again.

Inorder for you to avoid this type of mistake in the future,and simplify your life,endeavour to consider doing the shopping ahead of the timeline and not think of saving the money because waiting till the final day sometimes,may not be cool.The future is not there but here. Make the moment count.

  • Make Do With What You Have

If you are someone who always love to wait on people before you get things done,then you may be making a grave mistake.

If truly what you hope to achieve is crucial to your hapiness or fulfillment,then you may need to have a rethink when it comes to raising expectations on things or people. If they were unable to meet up to your expectations,will you consider a suicide,or perhaps start calling names? Or will you blame yourself for failing to admit that people make promises but not in all cases,will they be able to meet up. It’s a two-way traffic.

For me,life becomes easy when you know that you are in control of the outcome of events in your life and not the people in your life.

Having a healthy expectation on yourself is a preferred option. By this,you have the believe that all things been equal,the goal ahead of you can be achieved without the necessary involvement of people. This is what I call the value of self-power and self-belief.

Go ahead and work with what you have.
If it’s shopping for an important event,you could decide to shop for them little by little and as you do this,gradually,the small things begin to look really big. That’s the miracle of starting anyhow,and anyway.

  • Stay Confident

Sometimes thinking too much about the outcome of our goals can be unhealthy. While the goals are set,and tangible plans made for its actualisation,it’s okay to remain calm and believe for the best. Our beliefs changes everything.

Simply closing your eyes and meditating on the positive side of things will help you deal with anxiety.

As Writer,and Former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, once said, “Plans are of little importance,but planning is essential.
Go ahead and set the planning in place inorder to achieve a better result.


  1. Agree with your point. Not planning, or losing sight of a goal, is the easiest way to miss it.

    The best advice I ever heard on this point was, strangely enough, from Scott Adams – the creator/writer of Dilbert. His advice for achieving a goal was to write it down on a piece of paper 20 times each day, that way you never lose sight of it and focus your actions towards realizing it.

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