Seize Opportunities But Most Importantly Prepare For It

Opportunities often put on a mask and may be missed by many because the things people seem to be ‘expecting’ are not really what comes to them. So they keep looking ahead till time elapse them and they start over again.

Sometimes been saddled with activities(family,work,business,social,religious) may not mean we are on the right path.

One thing which is certain is,you must come to a point in life where your life’s fulfillment exceeds other obligations that people bring your way.

When preparation meets opportunity, success is inevitable.

I mean I haven’t seen any man who achieved great feat without any preparations for it.

Lately,my preparation for success and great feat has been in top gear especially when I had just realised that nothing will ever work if I don’t contribute my own quota to it.

I have been unrelenting in doubling my professional prowess especially as it concerns my career. I realised that the opportunities are around but how can I maximize then if I decide to fold my arms and watch events play out themselves. I have to up my game and hone my skills,giving a handful of commitment to it at the same time.This is the best gift I can offer myself especially when I understand that taking personal responsibility is key here.

What are the opportunities that present themselves to you, Have you found any yet? if truly you have,then follow these steps to help you in actualising them:

  • Let the opportunities align with your vision and go after what is truly yours: When it comes to finding fulfillment in life,you must endeavour to pursue after what will give you real and lasting satisfaction. Ensure the opportunities that come around are the ones that align with your set vision,goals/objectivess,and/ passions. It’s always easy for us to try our hands on every opportunities. But when you do this,you often realise that they are merely distractions and leads to nowhere.
  • Take each challenges of your life as a preparation for the next: Even if the opportuniy is staring glaringly at your face,if you haven’t been schooled enough in the challenges that life brings your way,you may end up messing it up. Challenges are there to shape us, make us stronger, better,and keep us ahead. So next time,you see a challenge,don’t go freaking out.

As former US National security Advisor, Collin Powell once said, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hardwork,and learning from failure.”

  • Avoid Procrastination:Being ready for a breakthrough in life means you are a die-hard ‘do-it-now’ fellow. You are someone who will not give in to the spirit of lukewarmness. “Remember,there is no best or better time to do something than now.”
  • Get your tools ready: Every workman should always have his/her tools ready. If you are barber and your clients walked into your shop for a grooming,and to their amazement,they found out that you will need to lend your tools from a neighbor inorder to serve them better. What do you think would be their reaction at that instant? Dismayed! They may get pissed off and walk out. That means,you aren’t ready to do business. The same goes for anyone who is on the lookout for a major break in life. You have got to hone your skills and ensure you do it often till you finally become fully ready.
  • Finally,Believe in yourself: To believe in oneself is to appreciate and accept one’s true identity. Have you taken time to understudy your personality,and your psychic make-up? Has anyone told you about a potential or gift that they observed in you? This is a big deal especially as it concerns your fulfilment in life. If you cannot observe any key strenght that you possess,I am sure others would have. Take this observation and maximize it.

A truth I like to share here is that, when it comes to living a worthy and truly satisfying life,the sole responsibility is on YOU. Stop hoping on the people in your life and begin to build self-confidence. It’s an aura that needs to be worked upon.This will help you alot.

If you believe you can,Yes,You will.

As American author and Best-seller,Rick Warren puts it,”Those who follow the crowd get lost in it.”

Are you ready for that opportunity? It’s time to stand out.


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