Where Are You Channelling Your Energy?

Trying your best to completely free your heart from any feeling,emotion,or sentiment that you may be holding onto from the past,present,and future is key to unlocking positive energy into your lives so that you can grow. Your spiritual energy need to breathe and move freely inside of you so holding on to moments and thinking of them negatively will prevent you from moving forward. Usually,the biggest concerns we have are about things that have happened in the past or what may potentially happened in the future. However,when it comes to the past,if you do not let things go and tell yourself that it should remain there and not affect your life in this moment, then you are not leaving room to enjoy the moments that present themselves in your present.

Have you ever been around a person and they have been extremely bubbly,active,full of life,and overall very energetic about everything they are doing?Sometimes,when am around these set of people,I often thought to myself, “I wish I had just a small amount of their energy as they do and I would be able to be far more productive, active,and happy in the things I do in life.”

Drishti Bablani, author,writer,and poet said, “Your thoughts are not truly hidden,their essence reflects in your energy. Energy speaks what you don’t.”

Life indeed can pull people in a different directions daily. Meeting the demands of work,home,family,and personal life can make it easy to forget about other people and the impact your positive energy can have on their day,small gesture of kindness,love,and positive can really make a difference,not only on one person but the entire world.

The more positivity you feel,the better you feel and the better everyone else around you will feel thus creating more amazing opportunities and opening all sorts of doors in life. I mean,think about who gets the jobs at work and the great friends? And who seem to have all the luck? Positive people you bet.

Where is your energy going? You may need to do a check. It is very important to keep all your energy focused. While it can be difficult to focus your thoughts,it is a good idea to try whenever you want to give off better energy. This means reigning in your thoughts and emotions so you can be centered and focused. When you are stressed out,and too busy,it can be draining and when someone is drained out,the tendency for them to give out positive energy is low.

Where attention goes,energy flows

Where intention goes,energy flows -James Redfield

Learning to cultivate,manage,and strategically invest your energy will dramatically improve your life. Infact,the success of almost any endeavor hinges on the amount of energy and attention you invest,not the time or money. The aim is to make decisions that floods your system with positive energy on the people and projects that mean the most to you. Doing this begins with treating your energy as though it is an extremely valuable currency.

By focusing and chanelling your energy,you can create nearly anything you desire:Love,connection,money,art,fun,joy,adventure etc. The trick is to understand that creating better future starts by focusing your energy in the present. From there,you are not limited by your imagination and your belief in yourself.

Positivity comes naturally for some of us and to others,it is an impossible thing. It is good to be aware of the vibe you give off because often the energy you project shapes your reality.

The energy you bring-positive or negative dictates your perception, reception,and radiation-T.F Hodge


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