Work It Up many people haven’t come to the realisation that no matter how hard one tries to win something,it doesn’t always comes as easy as it seems. The truth is,there’s a price to pay.

To earn something is to acquire or deserve as a result of effort or action.

Whichever way you see it,your action or effort on(over) something will always produce an outcome or result. Put in another way,whatever you may think you have acquired came as a result of your performance of service,labor,or work.

Inorderwords,there’s a price to pay for anything you are looking forward to.

Though the reward may not come the way you expect but it sure will.

Some few years ago,my aunt who based in the UK came visiting with her family for the first time after twenty years. While we were chattering at the lobby,she narrated her marital ordeal to me for the first time and for the next minutes,I was numb.

Aunt Abby as we often call her went on.

“There was a time in my life as a married woman that I felt used and emptied of my individuality. My marriage to Roberts was not a comfortable one. So many times,I would cry my eyes out till my throat got patched and wonder how a man could treat me like some piece of used cloth and never cared to extend a hand of reward to me for all my selfless sacrifices of over twelve years. Infact,I pictured him as a heartless,ungrateful,and distant fellow. But,all my tantrums got me nowhere,it only widened the emotional gap.

So one day,while I was in the bathroom,I told myself,I’m not going to weep anylonger. I was going to leave everything to God while I watch events play out themselves. As noble as the decision was,it only got me more frustrated and vengeful. Not until a certain day,when something struck my mind,it was about Charitable deeds. But how could I begin to reach out in giving when I am dependent on a man for survival? I asked.

Somehow,I began to show charity to the needy that came my way with the few tokens on me.Sometimes,the act became painful especially when it was the only dime on me. But that was how it all began.In no time,my husband began to reach out to me in monetary terms and as I was becoming finacially buoyant,I kept on reaching out.It was such a mystery to me. “So this was all I needed to unlock the door to my joy and financial breakthrough?” I said.

Towards the third quarter of last year 2018,he suprised me with a Brand New Toyota Venza SUV. It was a moment in my life that I will forever treasure.I knew deep within that it came as a result of my performance of service; an earning and not a right or entitlement.” She concluded.

“A really thought-provoking story.” I said

There are few tips I need to share on this amazing story.

  • Step Out of the Boxing Ring

It may be interesting to note that you are in no contest with anyone but Yourself. Once you can grapple this truth,life becomes easy.

According to a Portuguese proverb, When one person doesn’t want to,two people don’t fight.”

Since you have no control over the actions of the people in your life,it’s okay to accept them for who they are.Quit inviting people into the boxing ring for a fight.It would only make you more bitter and resentful.

  • You are going to earn it

No matter how hard you give it your best shot,if you aren’t deserving of something,it won’t be granted unto you. That means,you need to be qualified for it.

I know someone would ask, “How about those who got something they didn’t deserve?

Actually,there’s no singular act of yours that isn’t in the records of God. Even though you may trivialize it,He doesn’t. It’s only a matter of time and the results will begin to show. In most cases,you may not be aware of how these events will begin to play out. It may be something your forbears,or parents did and He decides you would be the recipient of the reward. All I am saying is that,there are no accident in life. Everything is intentional.

  • Wait on Patiently

Like the words of Actor, Bruce Lee, “Patience is not passive,on the contrary,it is concentrated strength.” If you don’t wait for your turn,you may end up missing the whole bunch.It is in the place of waiting,that one learns the noble acts of love,tolerance,humility,submission,and obedience.When all these are factored in,then,the moment you have been waiting for comes knocking,Honour. You cannot begin to put the right words together when this honour comes. The universe will have no choice but to do your bidding. You suddenly realise you had become the centre of attraction. This is what patience can achieve.

True to the words of Steven Grover Cleveland,”Honor lies in honest toil.”

The likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and others who attained incredible success didn’t achieve it overnight, they paid the price of hardwork,resilience,and tolerance.

Next time you are aiming at something,take the time to ask yourself, “Do I truly deserve it or it’s a stoke of luck?

The only way to enjoy anything in this life is to earn it first-Ginger Rogers

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