Create The Life You Want

The closer you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating- Eric Micheal Leventhal

Most times,the things we really wanted don’t always come to us,we may need to muster tons of courage and be deliberate in going after it.

I had a discussion with a friend of mine few days ago. It was about the challenges of life and how difficult it seems to live the life one actually desires.

I came to the realisation some few years ago that, life isn’t to be feared but understood.Once you are a able to grapple this truth,then it becomes easier for you to accept what you cannot change and fight for what you have the power to change.

When God created man,He simply told him to get going and get the job done. He opened man’s eye to see his capabilities and the absolute power he has to get anything done or achieve anything in life.

So why do people complain about how hard or tough life is? The truth is that,they haven’t yet believed in their potentials and capabilities. They have chosen to throw the weight of dependence on the people in their lives and feel disappointed when their expectations aren’t met.

The life you have ever wanted is right within you and it may remain there for as long as it can if you fail to launch out and create a masterpiece with it.

Are you seeking for a beautiful relationship,a peaceful home,a fulfilling and satisfying work environment and much more?

Here are somme tips to help you in creating the life you want.

  • Accept yourself: self-acceptance is the first step to living a life of true hapiness and joy. If you fail to accept the totality of who you are- foibles,weaknesses,and strengths,then you have succeded in allowing others manipulate your life. You may need to stop the comparisons and begin to see yourself as God sees you. This is absolutely true for your total wellbeing. Own up to your true identity and let people accept you for who you are.
  • Focus on your key strengths: Truly,most of us are quick to show off our weakness than our strengths. How can you be valued when you are always changing your gear button to the victim mode.I am not saying you should be a pseudo, but let the world know about what you have achieved, what you are up to,and what you are looking to becoming. By doing this,you are communicating to the universe that you are special and in return you get rewarded for it.
  • Reclaim your self-power: To live the life you want,you may need to work on your confidence level and belief system. You must try and erode the limiting beliefs that had held you bound and make you feel less of yourself. Beliefs such as:

“I know it’s hard for me to make it because of my past experiences.”

” I can’t go on with life because I am from a poor background.”

” I am married and therefore I can’t possibly pursue my dreams anymore.”

” My boss told me I am not competent enough for the job so I don’t think I can ever secure a better job.”

Your belief system can either make or mar you. For you to truly find true joy in life,consider what you think of yourself and about yourself and do a mental shift to where you can possibly be or become. This is crucial.

  • Focus on the goal: It’s like the law of attraction.Whatever you focus on definitely becomes attracted to you. If your goal is to live a life of serendipity,then it becomes important to sorround yourself with people who truly share in your values.
  • Mind your Relationships: It is a well-known fact that you are who you relate with. It’s that simple.

Sometimes,our relationships need to be reevaluated so that we can truly know where we stand. If you are sorrounded by people who do not value your judgements or support your vision,then you may need to reconsider a change for good.

There has never been a man who became successful overnight. It takes more than the eye can see and more of what the mind can visualize and actualize to be the person you have always wanted to become.