10 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Coping with life’s extingencies in this twenty-first century can be a big deal especially when it comes to family,work,and life.This is a reality each one of us must face. However,you have a choice in settling for the comfort zone and allow the pressures to keep mounting or find ways to simplify your living so you can achieve more postive results in the long run.

Here are some useful tips to help you as you look forward to simplifying your life.Follow each one of them and you will see how easy life can be when you understand it.

  • Accept What You Cannot Change

As Buddha once said, “In the end,only three things matter: How much you loved,how gently you lived ,and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

I know it’s not easy to let go of the people you truly loved and cared for. But if they are sincerely meant for you,no one would have come for them or perhaps,they wouldn’t be in another person’s lives. You must come to the realization that life is a twist and the things we often wish were ours seldomly come to us.This is something that no one has control over. It would be wise of you to accept the reality of situations and free yourself of any emotional and psychological trauma that only adds more trouble to your health.

When you accept what you cannot change,it only shows your maturity and life becomes easy as the day passes.

  • Appreciate what you have

Showing appreciation for the things we have or the people in our lives is one sure way to live a simplified life.

The famous proverb, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” is very apt.

Do you know that the people in your life didn’t appear just like that,it was a natural design and for a purpose. So you must learn to grapple this truth and look beyond who they are or what they stand for to why they are in your life. This is what I term Purpose. Inorder to enjoy the benefits of anything,the purpose must be clearly understood.

Sometimes,we lose the most important people or things because we fail to see the reason why they are there instead,we prefer to look out for something ‘better’

A friend of mine had been a single mother for the past ten years because she failed to accept her husband right from when she got pregnant for him. She felt he wasn’t good enough. She was looking forward to be engaged to her former high school mate who was doing much better than her husband that she totally lost sight of all the potentials and benefits she ought to be enjoying as his wife. She is living in regret till date.The man she longed for never came and the husband who truly loved her died two years ago.

  • Limit Your Activities

When you have to extend the usage time of your phone,it will tell you to apply some settings inorder to extend the battery life.Though this option may not allow you to enjoy some other important applications you are used to,but this is only a wise thing to do especially when you don’t have a power bank with you.This analogy is also applicable to our personal lives. If you really want to have a healthy working vitals in your body,then it’s time to put a check on some activities that isn’t leading you anywhere. The more you try to be ‘everywhere’, the more complex life becomes and this doesn’t help with your overall wellbeing. Learn to pursue after activity that will add immense value to your life and let go of trying to prove a point to people.

  • Ditch The Hurts and Misgivings of Yesterday

Sometimes it’s okay to let sleeping dogs lie and move on with life. If you have been hurt many times,it doesn’t mean you should go on a vindictive campaign. You must realise that no one is perfect including you. Also,no matter how deep the hurt or misgivings are,it should serve as a lesson to improve your life and not to cause you bitter resentment towards those people. Forgiveness doesn’t seek an apology. You are not asking for validation for your pain,or any other form of compensation. It is unconditional and personal. You may wait a lifetime for compensation and never receive it.

It’s okay to always put yourself in other people’s shoes before you take a decision.


  • Focus on what You do Best.

Of all the potentials you may have,there’s going to be a major one that you are most comfortable and confident with,this is where you should direct your energy to.When you do what you love,not only will you feel great joy and accomplishment, your energy will flow freely. Doing what you enjoy most is crucial part of tracking your sources of energy and restoration. This is searching out the truth of who you are.

Though your potential is what will unlock your breakthrough in life but it would be much demanding if you have to channel all your energy on each one at a time. When you focus on what you do best,you will find more possibilities out of it and this will further open doors of opportunities for you.

For example,If you are good at swimming,writing,singing,or directing. You may consider opting for one or two out of these potentials and do your best to improve more on them.

  • Set Healthy Boundaries

If you allow people to bump into your space without setting boundary for them,it could make you appear cheap. Just because you want to be accepted doesn’t mean you should sell away your dignity and self-power. When you need to explain how you feel about something or a situation to someone and it becomes a big weight,then you may need to challenge your self-power. Once you are able to do this,it will be easy to speak your mind without feeling guilty. One of the biggest benefits of setting boundaries is learning to say no,part to people who use up your time.People tend to respect an individual who knows what they want and what they stand for and are not afraid to communicate it.


Boundaries create healthy relationships.Not only will your relationship with yourself be more genuine,your relationship with others will be more honest. You will improve your Communication skills and feel less resentful.

  • Reevaluate Your Social Networks

In as much as it’s feels great that our social life is going on well,it may be a lot better if we consider reevaluating our relationships.

Sometimes,you may need to ask yourself a sincere question. “Is this relationship leading me anywhere?” or “Are these networks solving any concerns in my life?”

If you are looking towards living a life of simplicity,try sticking to relationships that will help nurture your destiny to fulfilment and not otherwise.

And sometimes,it may be wise to keep a private life; one free of any unnecessary demands from the people we tend to keep in our lives. You have to learn to hear yourself and this can only happen when you make up your mind to be alone within your walls.

  • Learn To Outsource

Life is too short to be trying to prove you are a superman or superwoman to the people in your life.The Perfectionists are fond of doing this. They feel good when they are the one holding the aces and everyone seems to be dancing to their tunes.But this often poses a health risk to them. In life,it’s not possible to be everything especially when it comes to work/Job,or family. Try to delegate work/assignment/job to other people and watch how life can be more enjoyable when you do this.


  • Stay On Your Lane

Staying on your lane will earn you respect,and the honor you deserve. Remember,these two are earned.

Though this is relative especially in this twenty-first century where there’ so much disheartening situations around.Sometimes,in trying to maintain our lane,we may lose sight of the neighbor who needs our assistance in saving his family from a fire outbreak. So many lives have been destroyed because some people don’t want to be seen as meddling in affairs that is not of their concern.

However,you may need to weigh the options and see that your motives are right. Also,when trying to offer any assistance,check with your spirit and see if you are truly led. Be wise.

  • Do only things that Matter and is of huge importance

When you feel that every case brought before you needs to be attended to at once,then you are setting yourself up for a major health breakdown.

While in high school,I remebered my economics tutor taught us scale of preference which means attending to things inorder of their importance.By this,people will focus on what needs utmost attention and then choose others accordingly. This way,we can curtail our spending lifestyle.

In this age and time, People only want to focus their priority on need and not want. We all have priorities no doubt but are they truly of huge importance to our overall wellbeing or are we only trying to prove a point?Whichever way you see it,Whatever is a top priority in your life should be one that will serve a meaningful purpose at the long run.

Remember, your life is a bit like a balance sheet. It’s a statement of accounts,a running tally of how you are really doing. If your life load does not allow time for rejuvenation,a health crisis may be close at hand. If this describes you,then it’s time to make changes…now!