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To the Woman Out there

Today,creating a happy family life is all about sharing responsibilities and having fun together. Not asking for help with the chores implies that you are accepting responsibility for them,and you end up pleading for assistance rather than having a well- defined agreement in place. Sharing is a much healthier concept,and it will help you maintain lower stress levels.

If you have a possessive nature for all things household,you are robbing your loved ones the opportunity to develop valuable life skills. Are you teaching your teenage son to be a couch potato? If so,think of your future daughter-in-law. Are you,by your example,setting your daughter up to be a do-it-all type of wife who will have no time for herself?

Delegating effectively requires that you be a patient teacher until the student has learned,after which you must have the foresight to let go.A mother eagle spends time…

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