Between Love And Infatuation

To fall in love with someone is a beautiful experience especially when same is being reciprocated. However,when it comes to infatuation,it’s a different ball game.

Here’s a checklist to help you decide if you and your partner are in love, or merely infatuated.

Love does not seek to push itself into the spotlight,but gracefully works in humility for the general wellbeing.

Infatuation is always self-seeking and self-promoting.

Love does not display excessive self-esteem. It is neither arrogant nor conceited. Love isn’t condescending towards men of low status.

Infatuation is limited in self-evaluation and thus likely to be arrogant and conceited. It could be high-handed inorder to protect what is perceived as it’s own at any cost.

Love is attentive to good manners and proper behavior. It enables people to be free from self-inflicted slavery(self-centeredness,sinful patterns,past hurts,and other self-imposed limitations).

Infatuation is self-consuming and inattentive to good manners and proper behavior.

Love is not concerned exclusively with itself. It takes into consideration the interest of the other person.It listens to the feelings of others and is ready to resolve any conflict. Love makes sacrifices for the well-being of others.

Infatuation is relenting,self-oriented,pursuing personal interest and poised mostly to resolve conflict from that perspective, and expect sacrifices to be made by others.

Love is not easily angered. Love is gentle and soft with words even in the face of provocation.

Infatuation is a fertile ground for offence as the partners are only ‘in love’ with a false idea. Expectations are often disappointed.

Love always does good and brings happiness and joy to the other person.

Infatuation is susceptible to suspicion and doubt and brings unhappiness to the other person.

Love is not hasty or impetuous. It bears pain or exists calmly.

Infatuation is hasty and impetuous. It doesn’t suffer long.

Love allows room for disagreement. It cultivates an atmosphere of freedom where peace is still maintained even regarding issues involving differing opinions.

Infatuation says, “My opinion counts here and should be honoured.” It generates and cultivates an atmosphere of fear,which ultimately kills love. There’s no freedom to express opinions differing from that of a domineering partner.

Love doesn’t keep record of wrong doing committed by others.It understands that no one is perfect.

Infatuation often dwells on wrongs committed by others.

Love is being loyal and committed to a person or cause irrespective of the challenges.

Infatuation does not respond to loyalty. It is therefore flighty at the emergence of a challenge.

Love unsuspiciously believes all that is not proven false. Love is ever ready to believe the best of every person.

Infatuation breeds suspicion and easily see faults.

Love faces difficulties,confronts opposition with calmness and is not discouraged.

Infatuation discovers techniques to avoid difficulties when in opposition and to run when confronted by discouragement.

Love breeds unity between two people.

Infatuation encourages disharmony between two people.

Love never cease. It never ends

Infatuation has a lifespan.

Love doesn’t criticize,but complements the weakness of others. It focuses more on the positive attributes of the other person.

Infatuation in the face of it’s own insecurities is quick to highlight other people’s weaknesses.

Love is not given to flattery

Infatuation is given to flattery inorder to draw attention away from personal inadequacies.

Love always upholds the truth. It rejoices when right and truth prevails.

Infatuation will hide the truth to cover up wrong-doing.

Love is not covetous of material things.

Infatuation seeks material things to substantiate a relationship and obtain approval.

Love respects and behaves in a manner that is honourable to every man.

Infatuation encourages dishonorable behavior.

Love provides a helping hand. It seeks to know and meet the needs of the other person.It also seeks to protect and give guidance to the other person.

Infatuation is more exploitative and demanding.

Love provides time in which people can grow ,change,and adapt together. Love is working,playing, and learning to do things with the other person.

Infatuation does not encourage an environment for growth,change,and adaptation. It expects perfection.

What does love mean to you?The danger of a word that means different things to different people is that they may end up meaning everything and nothing. Two people may profess love to each other but still have different ideas of what they are talking about. Is love really that elusive?

A measure of the love you share with somebody can be determined or evaluated by how you feel when you are with him or her.

Love can make or break people so you need to be careful when interpreting your feelings.