On Maximizing Your Potential-Pitfalls To Avoid

Distraction is one of the principal enemies of maximizing one’s potential.

Each of us have had the experience of walking into another room and saying, “Now,why did I come here? We had a purpose when we decided to go into the other room,but something between our decision to go and the moment we arrived sidetracked us from our original intention. Or we may allow side interests to distract us from our main goal.


For example,if you set the goal of jogging two miles each day to improve your health. The first day you walked two miles in a little over an hour,the second day,your walk takes over an hour,but you walk only half a mile because you keep stopping to pick wildflowers. Picking flowers isn’t bad,it’s the result of picking flowers-the distraction from your goal that is bad.

Satan uses distractions to stop our progress toward a goal,or at least to change the speed of that progress. If he cannot convince us that our dream is wrong,he will throw other things into our path to slow the development of our vision or he will push us and induce us to move ahead of God’s timetable. One of satan’s most successful devices is to preoccupy us with “good” things to distract us from the “right” things.

Perhaps,God has planted the seed of a dream that He wants you to accomplish 20 years from now. Between then and now,He has many other plans for your life.Let that seed incubate,and proceed cautiously. As you stay open to God’s leading in that area,He will reveal when the timing is right. Never sacrifice the right thing for a good thing.

Likewise,if God says, “Now is the time,” be careful to examine your thoughts and actions closely to see if they help or hinder the completion of your goal. If a plan or activity distracts you from accomplishing your vision according to God’s schedule,it is bad for you at that moment.

Whatever that does not help our progress hinders it. This is true because obeying God too soon or too late is disobedience. Therefore,we must be careful not to get drawn into good activities that distracts us from overall purpose. God requires our prompt response to Him throughout the journey. Obedience part of the way is disobedience. We must be true ,then to our whole vision over the long haul because true obedience to God is doing what He says,when He says,the way He says,as long as He says,until He says “stop.”

God is the only One who knows where you are going and what is the best way to get there. He will not send you by roundabout routes with many delays,neither will He lure you into detours and dead ends. The fulfillment of your potential is His hope and joy. To maximize your life,you must stay focused on your purpose and avoid distractions through discipline.


● Success

Success is another enemy of potential. When we complete a task and quit because we think we have arrived,we never become all we are. If,for example,you graduate from college and teach first grade for the rest of your life when God wants you to be a high school principal,you forfeit much of your potential because you stopped at a preliminary success. Leave your success and go create another. That’s the only way you will release your potential.

We must beware that a small success does not keep us from accomplishing our larger goal or purpose.

In a similar manner,we must be careful to judge our success by God’s standards, not the world’s.

Success in the world’s eyes is not really success because the world does not know what true success us. True success is being right with God and completing His assignment and purpose for our lives. It’s knowing and obeying Him. Thus,we cannot succeed without discovering and doing what God asks of us. Without God,everything we do is nothing.

Therefore,do not be intimidated by your lack of achievements in the world’s eyes. The power of God within you is greater than any other power.When you are hooked up with God and obeying His directives,you will achieve success by His standards. Refuse to allow the world’s measurement of success to encourage or discourage you because God’s standard is the only criteria that matters.


No matter how good the present system is,there’s always a better way. Do not be imprisoned by the comfort of the known.Be an explorer,not just a passenger. Do not allow yourself to become trapped by tradition or you will do and become nothing. Your present level of success will be your highest level of success,and God,who is not trapped within tradition,will find someone else to do what you could have done. Use your imagination. Dream big and find new ways to respond to present situations and responsibilities. Then,you will uncover never-ending possibilities that inspire you to reach for continually higher achievements.

Refrain from accepting or believing, “We ‘ve never done it that way before.”

Now is the time to try something different. The release of your full potential demand that you move beyond the present traditions of your home, family,job,and church-in essence,throughout your life. To maximize your life,you must be willing to release ineffective traditions for new methods.

● Opposition

Satan has a way of snuffing out our great dreams by causing us to compromise. Most often,this occurs because we give in to opposition. If he can’t stop us,he will push us to make a deal that is not God’s deal.Then,we have no hope of attaining our goal because we are trying to accomplish our God-given vision with human values and specifications. Opposition is natural to life bad necessary for flight. If everyone agrees with your dream,it’s probably a nightmare.

Let’s say God gives you a vision to establish a motherless babies home. Because you don’t raise the funding as quickly as you had hoped,you become impatient and look for additional sources of revenue. When a local business man offers his support,you eagwrly accept his offer.

At first,this arrangement works very well,but when the businessman demands a position on the agency’s board and begins to dictate who can be sponsored for adoption and who can be adoptive parents, you begin to wonder if your decision to accept large sums of money from him was a wise one. Yet to safeguard the financial support you received from him,you agree to his conditions. In so doing,you compromise your vision. To fulfill your vision in life,you will usually have to swim upstream against the tide of popular opinion.


Opposition is a proof that you are swimming, not floating.

Compromised vision always kill potential because a vision that is attempted outside God’s guidelines cannot reveal power.

“To maximize your life,you must accept and understand the nature and value of opposition.” – Myles Munroe