Cultivate and Feed Your Soul

What goes into your mind always influences what comes out. If your children watch disrespectful,smart-mouthed kids on television, they will learn to talk and act the same way. Infact,they won’t even know that they are being disrespectful because their values and wisdom will have been skewed by the things they saw and read.

Be careful to convert your mind by filling it with godly,uplifting materials. If you spend much time reading ivory-towered romantic fiction,you will come to have unrealistic expectations of your spouse and you will either degrade or destroy the marriage relationship through unfaithful thoughts,words,and actions.Turn on a teaching t in person instead of the afternoon soaps.

Likewise, you must learn to cultivate your mind. Spend sometime each week in serious bible study or research a useful topic you know little about at your local library. Attend concerts and lectures,or take evening classes at a community college.The whole purpose of encyclopedias,formal education,and other sources of knowledge is not make you smart,but to give you the opportunity to make yourself smart.

Use the resources available to your mind to inspire you to activate your dreams and reach for new goals. Your mind is a powerful tool created by God for the good of mankind.

It is a pity to die with water when people are dying of thirst. Yet it happens every day as people who have the answers to the world’s problems refuse to feed and cultivate their minds so they can reach into the deep wells of their possibilities and pull out what the world needs. Look to the careful cultivation and feeding of your mind. Remember, the person who doesn’t read is no better than the one who does.

The cultivation of your soul also includes the discipline of your will. Discipline is training or teaching someone or something to obey a particular command or to live by a certain standard. The discipline of your will is particularly important because the will is the decision maker. If you refuse to discipline your will,you won’t be successful in fulfilling your potential because your will determines your decisions,which governs your potential.

The soul begs us to turn towards our pain not away from it,for,in the midst of our suffering lies the path to liberation.

The soul invites us to bring our imaginations into the mysteries of life where the outcomes are unpredictable and surprise is on the menu. Pain arieses when we resist this process.

If you do not train your will to be subjected to God’s wisdom and purposes,you will forfeit the purpose for which you were born,and your potential will be wasted. Self-discipline is the highest expression of self-management, which is manifested in a disciplined will.

The cultivating of your soul requires that you control your emotions. Too often,we allow our emotions to control us instead of controlling them. Tantrums, depression,dissilusionment, loss of value, emptiness,fits of rage,unfulfilment are symptoms of this malady. Emotions are controlled by understanding.

What we know to be true from seeking information and examining the facts must be the basis on which we make decisions and relate to other people. Emotions often color what we see. They also prompt us to say hasty words and to make unwise choices. Emotions governed by information provides an environment in which the potential of our souls can be maximized.

Swami Vivekananda puts it this way, “You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you,no one can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”