Questions To Ask About Marriage


The level of education has the potential of bridging or widening the gulf between partners in marriage. This is because your interpretation of issues and events greatly depends on your educational background. The following questions will help you determine of you are well-matched.

Albert Einstein, once said, “Education is what remain after one has forgotten everything he learned at school.”

  • Who am I intellectually and what intellectual ability will be an encouragement or threat to me?

What is your academic level,formal and informal? This is important because your thinking and decisions will be affected by your intelligence and the way you understand life in general. This information will help you to choose your spouse. You may want to consider somebody whose intellectual ability is compatible with your own,reparative and not suffocating.

  • What type of person(in the case of a man) can I provide intellectual leadership for?

The person you decide to marry should not intimidate you intellectually, except if you have searched yourself and feel comfortable with such a situation.

If your partner does not have any knowledge of formal table manners,or common courtesies,will it bother you?

  • What academic and intellectual level should my partner have?

I need him to bring out the best in me and make my life more fulfilling : intellectually,spiritually,as well as socially.

  • Does your partner have a thirst for knowledge?

Irrespective of his or her educational background,does your partner hunger for more knowledge? A person who is complacent or satisfied with his or her present intellectual level runs the risk of being detached from society,and reality may be passed over for lack of drive and initiative.

  • What books or journals interest him or her?

The kind of books your partner finds interesting could go along way in determining his mindset. Does he or she prefer gossip magazines,or the more serious,informative ones on business,politics,science and development? Don’t they say that small minds discuss people,while great minds discuss issues? See that the same things appeal to you and the person you marry.

  • What is my partner’s attitude toward education?

Does your partner seek educational excellence and always wants the best available? Or does your partner make do with anything that saves him money? Reconcile this with your own tastes to avoid frustration in marriage.

  • Am I comfortable with my partner’s level of education?

Compare your partner’s level of education with your own. Are you proud of him or her? Add this to your status and vision and see how it comes out. Do not be engaged with someone you are not proud of,or someone with whom you cannot have a meaningful discussion with.

Remember that you are planning to get married, not to play ‘house’. Be sure that your intended spouse is sufficiently mature and well- informed to be a father or mother.

  • How knowledgeable is my partner in areas outside his or her own discipline?

Specialization is generally acclaimed,but a man or woman who can make intelligent conversation in areas outside his or her sphere of specialization will definitely make an iinteresting and dependable partner to live with.

  • Does he or she tease or insult my intelligence?

Any man or woman who makes fun of your level of intelligence will not make the wonderful partner you dream of. Her or she will never accept your opinion on anything and will make light of your decisions and suggestions.

  • Is my partner over-reliant on the intellect,or does he or she rely on the Holy spirit?

Is your future partner one who believes he or she can do all things through logic and reason alone,and who will not accept any position if it is not logical or applicable through known facts or thought process? Does he or she always doubt the miraculous? A partner like this will truncate your spiritual growth and may frustrate your walk with God.

  • Does my partner carry on like a know-it-all?

If your partner is the kind of person who does not want to be seen as wrong on any subject and,when he or she is wrong,will always find some funny way to justify his or her stance,then,he or she definitely has an attitude problem and may not be ready for marriage.

Remember! You have to resolve these issues before saying ‘I do’

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