Why You Need To Shed That Mask

One of our greatest fear is that if we show our true selves,the world will say, “Oh! It’s you.” But being just you is actually the best and most perfect thing you could ever be.

Jim Morrison, american singer,songwriter once said, “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You give up your ability to feel,and in exchange,put on a mask.”

There are three (3) practical reasons why we should shed our masks.

The first, is to live into our potential. We have to bring all of who we are to what we do.There are numerous people who have same skill set as we do or even a better one. But none of these people bring same personality,creativity,and spirit to the job that you do. That is something they cannot match. The irony is that we often mask that part ourselves at work and lose our greatest potential.


The second reason is relief.

It is exhausting to live an inauthentic life. You put on a mask or two or ten,then take a few off,then put a couple more on… It is really exhausting. Worst still,you start to forget who you truly are.

Comedienn and american model, Fanny Brice explained, “Let the world know you as you are,not as you think you should be because sooner or later,if you are posing,you will forget the pose and then where are you?”

The third reason is Healing.

When we wear mask,we carve a piece of ourselves out- withholding parts of oursleves as unworthy. But in relationships, especially in our spiritual relationships, we cannot be truly healed unless we offer up all the pieces. It is like handling someone a broken vase and asking tmhim or her to fix it but holding back two or three of the broken pieces. Everything in our lives gets cheated when we choose to hide ourselves behind our mask .

We project false smiles of protection to hide our fears to be desirable. We wear high heels and new clothes and carry certain bags to show a sense of self,a projection,an idea. We use extroversion to be well liked. We chase busy to mask our fear of not leaving an impact.

It is not always a bad idea to have a mask on,but certainly,it shouldn’t be your only respite of dealing with the world.


However,when we spend the entire time warding off the world and hiding from ourselves,we will miss the best parts. By hiding from the world,we hide ourselves and we lose a piece of our souls.

Now,if you are ready to pull off this mask,it requires your shift in focus. Instead of always paying attention to the opinions or variations of others,you need to shift the focus on you.

You can start by practicing these steps:.

  • Get your emotions under control.

The reason why we tend to put on a mask is because we allow our emotions get in the way. We believe that our feelings is always right and so,each time we feel a certain way towards something or someone,the best we can do is to find a way of attracting such thing/person. Putting on a mask inorder to get what we want could be the answer.

  • Speak positive affirmations to yourself always.

It is absolutely important to stay positive at all times.

When you are a positive person,you are not easily intimidated, influenced or manipulated. And this will help you to deal with external issues that may want to compel you to living a life outside of yours.

  • Be Original.Allow others see you are (both weaknesses and strengths) as you are and not as you manipulate them to see.

There is absolutely no joy when you have to deal with people as you want them to perceive you and not as you truly are.

The truth is,being original is the best gift you can hand over to yourself. Your mind is at peace and you earn the respect of others.

The world is in need of the real people. People who will say things as they are and not feel awkward afterwards. People who will express exactly how they feel towards a particular situation or someone without any apology whatsoever.


  • Get off the need to be approved or validated by people.

The truth is,not everyone in your life will like you. The earlier you let this sink into you,the better for you.

Besides,God did not create you to be an approval seeker inorder to survive in this life. You are whole and more than enough to become who you choose to be. No apology for that! Besides,it is when you begin to listen to yourself that progress can be in sight.

It is the need to be validated by people that forces many people to be living a lie.

Understand that everyone has got battles to fight in their lives,so you may need to give up the need to impress people and just be yourself.

Whatever mask you need to wear inorder to get you through the hard times,or to get your foot in an important door,remember,that you need to pay attention to why you chose the mask in the first place. What is your gain and when can you remove it?

Understanding the motive behind your action will help you in dealing with any feeling of condemnation or regret.