10 Life Changing Questions To Help You live A Fulfilled Life

Your answers to these questions can be a springboard to a new way of life,one filled with clarity,purpose,and unlimited joy.

What do you do best  and love doing the most?

It is easy to tell the world your key strenghts and what you love doing.The list may be endless but have you paused to consider which one you do best?

Here’s a salient truth, you are born to do something in life. That is why you are not an accident.

If you have not considered this before,it is time to reevaluate your key strenghts and begin to highlight the one you are most passionate about.

If you are a die-hard writer,you may probably be born to write. You only have to sharpen the skill by developing yourself in the areas of writing.

One good place to start is by enrolling for a professional writing course. If you do not sharpen the skills you are best at,you may not be able to attain that level of professionalism that distinguishes you from the rest.

What would you do if money was not a concern?

This is a probing question and a real and honest answer to this will determine if you are on the right path of destiny or not.

It is true that we all need money to attend to life’s extingencies but if your drive in life is to make money inorder to prove a point to the people in your life,what about if money was not involved at all and yet you still need to prove a point? Think about it.

There must be something that keeps you late at night and wake you up before the cock crows. It is called your gifting. This is where your real energy lies and flows. It is obvious and undeniable. This is the only thing that matters to your entire well-being and the universe.

Ask yourself- If there is no money involved,what is it that I can do?

If you can answer the question honestly,then life becomes easy for you to live in.

And if you have found the answer right now,then this is the right path to your destiny fulfillment.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

If you are convinced that what you are doing right now will not lead you a downward slope in life,then,you are probably in the right direction.

But we all agree that life is not always a bed of roses and there are times when things go awry for us. But does that mean we are on the wrong path? Absolutely not. It only shows that we are human and life will always happen.

When it comes to a purpose-driven life,then it is time to ask yourself if truly what you are doing is what destiny wants for you or you are probably trying to make ends meet.

If you are asked this minute on taking on something that you are convinced would not result to a failure,what would it be?

There is absolutely nothing in life you do out of demand,or necessity that is not prone to failure except your gifting and /potential. This is it!

Who makes you happy?

Have you thought about this question deeply?

Sometimes,it is difficult to place our finger on what happiness truly means. Not until we are able to answer this question, then we can start talking about the person in our lives who makes us happy and feel younger.

Happiness is really elusive. The world is filled with people who only makes us feel degraded and unworthy. The social media in particular has not helped in any way. All our effort to resort to the social media after we have been emotionally blackmailed by those we truly love leaves us more brokenhearted.

If we are to be sincere with ourselves,it is hard to truly place our finger on the person that makes us happy.

Inorder to answer this question, ask yourself- who am I comfortable being around with? Your genuine answer will lead you into knowing who makes you happy or not.

And if you do not have someone who makes you happy,then life becomes uninteresting in every sense.

If this is your situation,why not begin from yourself. You need to be happy with yourself no matter how bad life turns out. Contentment is the number one key factor here. Once you are able to muster this truth,it becomes easy and natural to accept people for who they are and this is where happiness truly begins.

What one thing you dream about doing that you have never told anyone about?

Absolutely, we all have dreams in our heart,some,we share with our loved ones if peradventure they could help us actualize it and some we make ‘our little secret’.

You do not have to keep that dream of yours for too long in your heart. Tomorrow is never promised anyone,you have only this present moment to chose the life you want to live. The fulfillment of that dream could be the best thing that has ever happened to you and you must not not be lax about it.

Remember,nothing will move if you do not move it. Likewise,that dream of yours. If you do not take action for its actualisation,it may remain dormant for as long as it takes.

Who is successfully doing what you would love to do?( Ask that person how they did it)

If you really love to do something that brings true hapiness to you and are struggling with how to achieve it,have you thought about hooking up with that person who is doing the same thing and successfully hitting the fame zone and ask how they did it? Perhaps,you may need to let your guards down and be ready to face any challenge that may come as a result. This is how you grow and become better.

Change only comes to those who are ready and willing to make a move and take action.

There are tons of mentorship sites you can visit and check on the one that suits your preference. You only have to muster courage to succeed in life.

What do you really want, and why?

What is the motive behind what you have in mind to achieve? If you do not have a ready answer,then,you may need to do a recheck on your priorities. There is absolutely a huge difference between a want and a need.

While the former is a lack or deficiency of something,the latter talks about requiring something because it is important or essential rather than just desirable.

Now,if what you want( list them out from 1 to 10) is not going to add tremendous value to your life,you may as well give up on it now!

Is the environment you are currently in allowing you to fully express what you do best?(If not,figure out three ways you can improve it)

If you are struggling with making progress in your current environment,perhaps,you may need a change of environment or a shift in focus.

Oftentimes, our environment influences our thought and behaviour. This is why the environment is a determining factor when considering growth and change.

I know it could be a bit challenging when you have to think of changing your environment because you desire growth but if it is necessary,then why not.

Many people are miserable as a result of their inability to make progress in life. Their vision and dream crippled because their present environment is not allowing them to function to full capacity.

How then do you come up with a change in mindset?

First,you have to work on your belief system. If your belief system is faulty,you may find it hard to experience growth. Though not all beliefs are negative,but if they hindering you from creating something new or different in your life,then you definitely know this belief is not serving you in anyway.

I know it is hard to keep up with being positive in a environment that is not encouraging such,but for the sake of your destiny,you have to realign your belief system towards positivity at all times.


Next,connect with those who share in your values.

What are your values in life? Write them down on a sheet of paper and begin to think of the people in your network who share the same values as you,then connect with them.

If one of your values is professionalism. You may decide to join a platform of professionals online or within your reach and become better and happy for doing so.

Life will not always give you what you want,you only have to be resilient in going after it. That is when success can be in sight.

Lastly,reevaluate your present relationships.

If relationship is life,it is therefore important for you to reevaluate your relationships at every point in time. Your relationship is either going to improve your life or make it miserable.

  • What do you want to let go of that is no longer acceptable?

Perhaps you are wondering if there is actually anything in your life that you want to drop and say good bye to.Now is the time to make the move.

Take a deep breathe and go on a memory lane,find out that particular stuff and consider its (un) usefulness. It may be the way you manage your finances,or the way you train your children. The list is endless.

If such thing has become obsolete and no longer something to be found with you,why should you keep on holding on to it? It is time to make this important resolve so as to bring your life to a state of ease and harmony.

What gives you the most satisfaction?

When you make a list of your hobbies or skill sets,which out of them brings real satisfaction?

When you are able to recognize that one,go ahead and develop on it on a daily basis.Personal development is an important part of the growth model. It is what gives you the most satisfaction that will truly give you the lasting fulfilment you crave for.

Go ahead and identify that thing now!