Are You Ready For It?

While I was seeking for huge opportunities in my locality inorder that I might advance my professional career and also earn great financial rewards.(I decided I was going to start with the businesses in my locality because I realised that was the best option for me at that time).I paid visits to some of the best MN’s around that was recently established.
After each visit,the next thing was to submit proposal letters which I did and eagerly looked forward to receiving a mail for an approval to my proposal. It was a long wait and so I surrendered to my fate and hoped for other opportunities.
While waiting,I thought about personal development especially in my skill set. I didn’t know that the step I took would add up eventually but I kept on learning and relearning.
However,my major breakthrough came and it was from the Korean guys who operated within my locality comprising of a lady with three men.
Actually,I had been offering my expertise in social media optimization strategies to the lady amongst them but I didn’t realise something bigger would pop up later.
Truth be told,I was eyeing the ‘big’ businesses around. Lool!
I remembered that particular day when the manager of the restaurant called me for a meeting over brunch with some people. It was the moment of a lifetime and I wasn’t going to miss it for anything.
And that was it,I sat with these ‘big’ guys who were doing incredibly well in their area of specialization. I mean they were MD’s and we started…
Alas! We struck a business deal and that further connected me to some other Chinese and korean companies who needed my area of expertise. The rest is history as it is always said.
Now,some important lessons I learnt along the line:

♡ It is good to think big and aim high but remember that your competence and values will be tested and tried when you least expected. Are you ready for it?
♡ Where do you fall? Are you really qualified,competent,and fit for that position you are eyeing?
♡ Seize opportunities(even though they might be small)within your immediate environment. You might not know where your big break will come from.

♡ There’s always a right time for everything. If you are not yet qualified for a position,you will not be posted there. Timing is very crucial when it comes to destiny fulfilment.

♡ Do not give up on what you strongly believe in. It will make way for you someday.

♡ Always be willing to explore opportunities around you. Moreso,improve on your abilities/skill sets. Do not be comfortable where you are. Take a step further.

♡ Maintain a positive attitude at all times.

♡ Go for Gold✅