How Committed Are You To Your Values?

Our values are important because they help us create the future we want to experience.

Likewise,these values change over time due to the experiences we face and the decisions we take due to the  outcome of such experiences.

However,most people get into trouble when their choices and values collide because they are unable to differentiate between choice and values. Your choice of something should not get in the way of your values. Your values are your judgment on what is important in life,while your choices judge the merit of multiple options and selecting one or more of them.

When you are feeling good and everything is going your way,it is not difficult to consistently live your values. However, when your values suggest that you take action which may hurt or cost you something,then,following through on it can be a difficult thing to do.

However,identifying and understanding your values will improve your communication and,in the workplace,will enable you to understand what drives other people and how best to work with them.

Sometimes ago,I was asked by one of my mentors on what is most important to me. I answered, “Family.” She replied, “Actually,this is what drives your behavior. If for instance,I am your boss,I am now better informed on how to motivate you and what type of assignments suits you. If your number one value is adventure and there is an opportunity for someone to go to a distant land to open a office,you will not be my choice because it is going to be in conflict with your number one value which is family. Unless your family will be willing to travel with you.”

When you embrace your values wholeheartedly and articulate them continually,you dramatically increase your chances of living them out. If on the other hand,you talk about your values but fail to walk in them,then,you will continually undermine your integrity and credibility.

Jon Stewart,said, “If you do not stick to your values when they are tested, they are not values but hobbies.”

Though,managing your life according to your values is not always an easy task because your values will be tested daily by those who do not embrace them.

Sometimes,negative people may discount you when you display a positive attitude. People who are without families may not understand your devotion to your family. Likewise, your partner may feel the need to be closer to his extended families every Christmas celebration because that is a value enshrined in the family custom.This action of his may trigger a feeling of resentment from you because it is apparent you do not share the same values and you may be convinced to follow their own values or make unwise compromises. You must be disciplined enough to protect and stick to your values.

Each individual and each organisation is involved in making hundreds of decisions everyday. These decisions are a reflection of their values and beliefs and they are always directed towards a specific purpose. This purpose is the satisfaction of their individual or collective(organizational)needs.

In my relationships,my values are reflected in openess,loyality,sincerity,understanding,caring,and tolerance. This guides the way I handle my relationships and responds to situations. Though,these values are often tested but I chose to guard and reinforce them at all times.

What are your own values? Kindly take a look at the few ones I highlighted below and check if one or two falls within your personal and corporate values. If you think your values need to be reevaluated,then go ahead and do the needful.

Acceptance. Accomplishment. Adaptable. Achievement. Affectionate. Apologies. Appreciation. Attentive Bless. Bold. Build. Caring. Capable. Career. Celebrate. Change. Courteous. Competence. Commitment. Consideration. Contentment. Customer-Service. Curious. Daring. Devotion. Dedication. Determination. Dexterity. Develop. Dependable. Dignity. Dignity. Discipline. Dogged. Effective. Efficient. Energy . Encouragement Efficient . Excel . Family. Formidable. Goal. Growth. Giving. Generous . Kindness. Knowledge. Intimacy. Importance. Investment. Job. Jovial. Laughter. Money. Mentor. Monitor. Organize. Productive. Permission. Positive. Power. Realistic. Result. Respect. Sacrifice. Satisfaction. Sincerity. Submission. Tolerance. Understanding. Unique. Voluntary Victory. Watch. Warm. Wisdom. Work

Start by listing out your values on a notepad. Take a minute to review and reflect on each of those values so you can be on track.

Begin by putting them in concrete form. write a descriptive statement for each one explaining how you intend to apply it to your daily living and what benefits or direction that will bring. Keep the journal where you can see it every day.

Now,think about these values often to help them “soak in.”

As you take decisions,measure your choices against your values. Whenever it’s appropriate,talk about them. It not only cements your values in your mind and helps you to practice them,but it also adds a level of accountability.

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