How You Can Transform Your Life Through Your Belief

Beliefs are one of my favorite subjects. If there is one thing that keeps most people from having everything they want in their lives,it is what they belief about themseves,their abilities,and the world in which they live. Everything that you do in your life and everything you have accomplished or will ever accomplish is directly governed by your beliefs.

Where Do Beliefs Come From?

A belief,quite simply,is a thought that you have held or something that you have told yourself over and over throughout your life.Beliefs starts at a young age. If we try something for the first time and we fail,we label ourselves a failure. For example,if at the age of 10 or 12,I attempted to play basketball but because of my age and size was not good at it,I may have created a belief in my own mind that I cannot play a basketball. This may be untrue, because beliefs rarely are.

A common example is the person who once tried to own a business but was unsuccessful. They created a belief that they are not meant to be in business and therefore never tried it again. This is really sad when you consider that almost every successful person has experienced one failure or the other. The difference is in the way they viewed them and the beliefs that they created from the experience. One person may see a business “failure” as a sign that they cannot be a successful business owner,while the other person will only view it as temporary set-back and turn it into a learning experience.

Other People’s Beliefs

Perhaps the most limiting and destructive beliefs are those we are given by other people and society in general. There is something called a “global belief” which is what happens when a whole section of society agrees that something is true.

Many of the long held global beliefs that were later proven to be false are things like “Man was not meant to fly.”

In the case of Roger Banister,the first human being to run a mile in less than four minutes,it was, “Man cannot run a mile in four minutes.” This belief was in place for thousands of years before Mr Banister came along and shattered it. Most times,a child is told ,”You can’t do that,you are too small.” And believing the adult, the child carries this belief with him or her throughout his or her life.The child begins to apply it to everything that is a challenge. He or she say the words like, “I’m way too small,I can’t possibly do this.” This however becomes a limiting belief that can ultimately crush his or her life’s fulfillment if the beliefs is not shifted or removed.

I was opportuned to grow up amidst uncles and aunts who admired and celebrated my wits. Their encouraging and positive words helped in shaping me into who I am today.

What has your grandmother,uncle,or aunt said to you while growing up? Where they words of affirmations or limiting and destructive words? It is time to shift whatever negative beliefs that has held you captive and hindered you from enjoyng the life you were meant to have.

How Your Beliefs Determine Your Results

Most people would agree that we have unlimited potential. Why then do we fail to see this in the results we produce? This is where beliefs come into play. The result you produce is determined by the actions you take.The problem is,most of us have a limiting belief in our ability to accomplish a particular task. We only tap into a small portion of our potential,take limited action and produce a poor result.

An example is the dieter who tries eating healthier for a few days but then gives up because they believe they cannot successfully lose weight. In reality,it was their limiting belief in their own ability that caused them to take such rash decision in the first place.

Fortunately,the opposite is also true. If you develop a belief you can do whatever you set your mind to,you will tap into more of your limitless potential,take massive amount of action,and produce even greater results.

The Courage To Change

It is not always easy to change.Often,it means doing new things and letting go of beliefs you may have held onto most of your life.

If you really want to live the life you deserve,it’s essential to let go of those beliefs that are not supporting you. We have all said at one time or the other, “That’s just the way I am.”  This is like the severely overweight person who says, “I have big bones.” This is nonsense! Anyone can change their beliefs about themselves.

Removing The Illusion

Any belief you have about yourself is the combination of several things. It is something that you have told yourself  over and over again or others have told you over and over again till you believe it to be true. The driving force behind our beliefs,and perhaps the strongest determinate are the references that we have created to support a given belief. For example,if a person has gone on a diet and lost not more than a few pounds,very often,they will create a belief of “not being able to lose weight.” Their failed attempt becomes the reference that supports their belief. They say things like, “See,I tried but I just can’t do it.”

One way to begin to shift your limiting beliefs is to question the references which are supporting them and replace them with new ones that will empower you to create what you want. Reference are like the legs on a stool,they support the belief. If you begin to break down the references,you weaken the belief the same way that you would weaken the stool if you began to break the legs.

Moving Through The Gap

There is always a gap between your present circumstances and the one you want to experience. It’s human nature to desire expansion and growth.It’s perfectly natural to want to experience more,while at the same time,being happy and grateful for all we have received in our lives.

Overcoming Resistance

Where a lot of people have problems with setting and achieveing goals is that the gap between where they are and where they want to be is so huge their mind cannot believe it is possible to have what they want.

Obviously,writing goals and repeating affirmations about what you want will eventually attract it to you,but more often than not,people give up before they reach their goals because their internal belief is strong that it overrides their desire.

Bridge Beliefs

So how do we get passed this?  It’s quite simple. Consider your current reality as a starting point. For example, “I have no money,” is a belief shared by most people.

Of course,when people say they have “no money,” they really mean they have just enough to get by with their living expenses. I have been in a situation where I literally had “no money” and believe me,it is a very different situation.

Let’s supposing your goal is ” financial independence.” In order to have financial independence,you would need to believe that you have lots of money. Can you see the huge gap between these two realities?On one side of the gap,I have no money,and the other side of the gap,I have lots of money. Trying to shift from a belief of, “I have no money,” to a belief of “I have lots of money,” is like trying to jump the grand canyon on a motorcycle.

A more effective method of achieving what you want and creating a new reality is to gradually move toward it by shifting your beliefs a little at a time. For example,a new belief you could use from, ” I have no money,” might be ” I have just begun a part-time business that will increase my income. “

While this is not the desired outcome of ,”I have lots of money,” it is further along than the original,low energy belief and will begin to move you in the direction of your dreams. As your “current reality” begins to shift,you can create another bridge belief that is even  closer to your desired outcome till,one day,your desire and your reality are the same and you have whatever it is you want.

Taking Down The Walls

One way you can begin to remove your walls or blocks is to use a powerful question. Powerful questions are something used by coaches to help people move through whatever is hindering them.

For example,you could ask yourself something like, “How could I accomplish what I want with the resources I presently have?

When I applied this question, “What resources do I presently have? to my idea of producing and hosting a television or radio programme a year ago,I realized that while I may not have been in position to produce a show,I did have the resources neccesary to create a blogsite/website where I could share my creativity which eventually opened other doors of opportunity till date. All this is the result of asking a different,more empowering question.

So often,we erect these huge walls that limit our progress and keep us from our dreams. By using a different question,you can uncover the alternative methods to accomplish your goals.

American philosopher, James Williams once said, “Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”

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