How You Can Take Charge Of Your Behavior

One of my high priority values is personal development. Because of this,I know I would be happy and feel satisfied in any position where I did not feel I was making a contribution. One of the reasons I love to write is because it allows me to make contribution to humanity. I feel that what I am writing will help other people become happier and fulfilled and that is one cool stuff that makes me happy.

It is important to know that your values will change over time. A high priority value for a young unmarried person,on a career fast track,may shift as that person gets married and has a family. The values that inspired the entrepreneur will shift as he or she becomes more successful. Often people who have become highly successful devote their time to serving their community. While achievement or success may have originally been their number once value,as they a certain level of success,their values changed. It is worthwhile exercise to revisit your values lists every few years to see how they may have evolved.

In business,knowing someone’s values and understanding what drives them is an asset. If I am presenting my product or service to you,and have taken the time to uncover your top values,I can match the benefits ofy product to your values. This will provide you with a higher level of service,and will increase the likelihood of my making a sale since I am addressing your most important values.

People buy things for their own reasons. Knowing what motivates the buyer, I can demonstrate how my product or service aligns with their values. The more they see the value in it for themseve,the more likely they will buy.

No discussion about values would be complete without talking a little bit about the rules we each assign to experiening a value. I am refering to what has to happen for a person to feel a particular value is being met. For a person to feel loved may require them to be told they are loved by those close to them,while another individual may want to be hugged or physically touched in some way inorder to experience the same feeling of being loved.

Understanding a person’s rules,especially those people closest to you,can go a long way toward better communications and more harmonious relationships.

I have included a podcast excerpt on more about taking charge of your behavior-values. Do find time to listen to it and share your own ideas or experience with me.