Steps To Take To Be In Charge Of Your Vision

Helen Keller was asked, “What is like to be unable to see?” She responded, “To have a sight without vision.”

It beats me flat when I realize just how many people have no taken the time to think about what they want their lives to be in five or ten years from now. Most people have not considered where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing even as little as a year from now.

When you lack vision of where you are heading to in life,it is like going on a vacation with no place or location in mind. That is an impossible and fruitless adventure. Most of us would not consider such unwise decision,yet, we spend more time and energy planning a one or two vacations than we do our lives.

Creating a vision for your future is a fun and empowering exercise which will encourage you to expand your sense of possibilities and show you pictures of a bright,abundant future. Pictures which you will begin to create yourself.

The Process

You will need to invest some time in creating your ‘future vision.’ Then use this vision to extract some specific goals and milestones and,from those,create shorter term goals and specific action steps which will move you towards your ideal life. I am not saying you go ahead and create a structured vision,one where you will fill in every little detail of what your life would look like if you were living your ideal life.

I have chosen five years as the time frame because it is enough time to make solid plans to create your new reality. You can of course,do this exercise for longer or shorter periods.

The further out in time that you can project your vision,the easier it becomes to know what needs to be done now to manifest it. Working back from a five-year vision allows enough time for you to make whatever changes you want to make and to begin from where you are right now. If you want an even greater challenge, do this exercise for twenty years into the future.

In addition to providing you with a roadmap to your dreams,your vision serves as a way for you to manage your emotional energy. It pretty well accepted that we attract what we think about consistently.This by the way,works whether it is something you want or not. It is like a law of gravity.

By having a clear vision of what you want in life,you would have created a tool which puts you in a energy or vibration of attracting what you want. You will use your vision statement as a powerful affirmation and read it whenever you want to put yourself into the energy of attraction.

The Balancing Act

One of the keys to an exciting,fulfilling and incredible life is balance. It is important to have balance in your life. Ensure you include several different areas of your life in your vision. Afterall,you would not want to be financially successful and lose your family or health. Would you? Similarly, you would not want to be strong and healthy,but living in poverty.

It is important to consider several key areas of your life inorder to create a kfe which is well rounded.As you progress,youl will find that you have a tendency to concentrate in one or two specific areas at a time.

The big challenge for most of us is keeping all the arts of our lives in balance. If you focus your attention on your eating and exercise habits,you will become healthier. Unfortunately, when most people do this,they do so at the expense of another part of their life,like finances or family time.

Inorder to have a truly joyous and successful life,it is important to be growing in each of the key areas. I will ask you to create a vision which includes the main components of a well-balanced life. These are your spirituality or religion,your self-development,health and fitness,your family,friends and social relationships,your career and business,social and material goals and of course,money and investments. Of course,feel free to modify this list to suit your lifestyle. Notice that I place money at the end of the list. This s where it belongs since money is a tool to use.

Most people think that they want money,but this is not the case,what they want is how money can meet their needs.

As a Japanese Proverb once puts it, “Vision without action is a daydream.Action without vision is a nightmare.”

Create A Compelling Vision-Your technicolor vision

You will want this to be a fun,exciting exercise,one that will allow you to actually expand your sense of what your life can become.Allow plenty of time to play with these ideas. Invest some time thinking about what you want your life to be like in five years. Make your vision exciting. For example,there is a tremendous difference in the energy produced by reading the two stateents below. The first one is your typical goal statement,and while it is better to nothing,it does not create the emotion like the second.

“I am so happy driving my new red convertible!”


“I am thrilled with my new red convertible. I love the feeling of the wind against my face and the smell of the fresh air as I zoom down the highway, with the sound of the wind whooshing by. This feels great!”

Can you feel the difference? Obviously.

The key to creating a powerful vision is to engage most of your senses as possible. This will produce intense feelings whenever you read it and these feelings will shift your energy to be in alignment with what you want. Of course,if writing is not something that feels good to you,then you can draw your vision on a piece paper or speak it into a tape recorder. Use whatever media that will inspire you to paint a rich tapestry for your life. You could use a Treasure Map and make a visual collage using pictures of what you want in life.