How You Can Balance Your Vision

When you are creating your vision,be sure to include one or two things from each of the following categories.

Spirituality and Religion

In five years,where are you spiritually? What is your relationship with your creator? Do you spend time each day in prayer and meditation? Are you involved with your church,synagogue, or mosque? Are you a spiritual person and how is it being reflected in your day to day life? What is your connection with your community? Where do you give back?


What have you done to enrich your mind? Have you improved academically, Did you obtain a degree or learn a new skill? Have you studied a new language? What are you doing regularly to expand your mind? How many books have you read? Do you make a habit of reading uplifting,inspirational material each day? Doing this for fifteen minutes a day will help you keep a positive attitude and will contribute more to your success goals.

Health And Fitness

How is your health? Are you becoming more fit? What are you doing to nurture yourself regularly? Do you exercise? What about sport and leisure activities? Have you taken up a sport,such as golf or tennis? Are you steadily improving your eating habits to become healthier? Do you have regular medical checkups? Are you taking extraordinary care of your body? Do you have massages,facials,or other types of body work? Do you take time for yourself and actively work to reduce stress? Have you tried some great relaxation techniques like Yoga,tai- chi,Qi-gong?

Family And Relationships

What about your relationships? Do you have a great relationship with your spouse and loved ones? What about friends? Have you developed meaningful relationships with people who support you and have your best interest in mind? Are you supportive and nurturing to your friends as well? Have you found ways to maintain romance in your significant relationship?

Career And Business

In your five- year vision,where have you reached in your career or business? What is your work day like?What are the feelings you experience in your chosen work? How great is it? Have you begun your own business? How has it grown? What are you doing each day? What is your contribution to the society in which you belong?

Social And Material

What are you doing socially? Have you seen a number of plays,concerts or movies? Where is your next vacation point? Have you taken your family to a great restaurant? What is your net worth? What have you been able to purchase or buy for your family?

Money And Investments

How much do you earn? What are your investments? What are your savings? What are your expenses? Do you have financial plans for your children’s education?

These are few examples of questions you may need to ask yourself as you create your personal vision.Make it bright,powerful and exciting.

Norman Vincent Peale considered to be one of the pioneers of the modern self-help movement once said, ” If you want a big life,you need big dreams.”

Great! Now you have an inspiring,motivating,and rich vision of how you want your life to be in five years in front of you,I strongly suggest that you take the time to read it each day. You may want to record and play it back for yourself. Remember,the universe works on the principle of like attracts like. The more you submerge yourself in the energetic state of what you want,and experience the feeling of having it,the more it will be attracted to you.

Breaking It Down

Now that you have a clear idea of where you want to be and what you want your life to become,it is time to extract some specific measurable goals you can achieve in the next twelve months. You will then break these down even further and,finally,develop an action plan to keep you on track.

Looking back over each area of your vision,look for one or two specific goals which are in alignment with your overall vision. Goals which you can accomplish in a year’s time that will move you towards fulfilling your vision. For example, if in your vision,you are living a carefree life with abundant financial resources,and doing the work you love,a one-year goal that will lead you towards your vision might be to start your own business and begin earning a specific amount of money from it.

Write your goal in the present tense as though it has already happened and state it in the affirmative. Your one-year career goal might look like this, “I’m so excited having a successful business, making a difference and earning an additional twenty five thousand dollars a year from it.”

If,in your vision,you have a great,loving,supportive,respectful, and a special relationship with another person,your goal might look like this: ” I’m so happy that I’m in a warm,loving,passionate relationship with the perfect person for me.” Another might be, “I’m blessed with supportive and loving friends who I enjoy spending time with.”

One-Month Goal And Action Steps

Now that you have created a long-term vision,set your one-year goals based on that vision,and then break those goals into smaller three months goals. You will take it a step further. Look at your three-months goals and see what you can do in the next thirty days to move towards this accomplishment. Then,write each of them on an index card using a separate card for each goal area.

The reason why it is effective is that by first reading your passionate goal,you create a mental and emotional state that is conducive for creativity. The ideas that comes in such state tend to be more inspiring and creative to what you might normally think to do. The more passionate and excited you are about your goals,and the more you are in a state of feeling as though they have already happened,the more you are tapping into the Higher Guidance that is available to us all. Your subconscious mind will become active and begin to find new ways for you to accomplish your goals. Doors will open,the right people will come into your life, incredible things will occur to help you along the path you have always wanted.