5 Ways You Can Become A More Courageous Person

People think of courage as a quality required only in times of extreme danger or stress. But it is much larger than that- and more ordinary than we think. Courage is an everyday virtue.

C.S Lewis wrote, ” Courage is not simply one of the virtues,but the form of every virtue at its testing point.” You can do nothing worthwhile without courage. The person who exhibits courage is often able to live without regrets.

If you desire to become a more courageous person,then do the following:

  • Grow In Courage By Doing The Right Thing Instead Of The Expedient Thing

The acquisition of courage can often be an internal battle. We often desire to do what is most expedient. The problem is that what is easy and expedient is frequently not what is right. Thus,the battle. But psychotherapist and author Sheldon Kopp stated, “All the significant battles are waged within self.”

As you strive to do what you know to be right,you must know yourself and make sure you are acting in integrity with your core values. There is a saying that in every individual,there are six people. They are:

• What you are Reputed to Be

• Who You Are Expected to Be

• Who You Were

• Who You Wish to Be

• Who You Think You Are

• Who You Really Are

You must strive to be true to who you really are. If you do and you do the right thing,then you will increase in courage.

  • Take Small Steps Of Courage to Prepare You For Greater Ones

Most of us want to grow at an incredible speed,the reality is that genuine growth is slow. To be successful,we should start with small things and do them everyday.


St Francis de Sales advised, “Have patience with all things,but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,but instantly start remedying them-everyday,begin the task anew.”

People’s lives change when they change something they do everyday. That’s how they change the “who they wish to be” into “who they really are “

You can have the courage to be positive as you get up in the morning to face the day. You can have the courage to be gracious in defeat. You can have the courage to apologize when you hurt someone or make a mistake. You can have the courage to try something new-any small thing.


Each time you display bravery of any sort,you make an investment in your courage. Do that long enough,and you will begin to live a lifestyle of courage.And when the bigger risks come,they will seem much smaller to you because you would have become much larger.

  • Look For Courage Inside,Not Outside,Yourself.

Courage starts internally before it is displayed externally. We must first win the battle within ourselves. It begins with a decision we make and grow as we make the choice to follow through.

  • Recognize That a Leadership Position Won’t Give You Courage, But Courage Can Make You a Leader

Most people believed that they can become a leader by holding a title or be given a position. But life doesn’t work that way.

Magareth Thatcher remarked, “Being a leader is a lot like being a lady.If you have to tell people you are one,you aren’t. ” The position doesn’t make the leader,the leader makes the position.

In similar fashion,people should not expect the acquisition of a leadership postition to give them courage. However,each time people continually display courage,they will likely become leaders because others will look up to them,emulate them,and follow them.

  • Watch Your Horizons Expand With Each Courageous Act

The life you live will expand or shrink in proportion to the measure of courage you display. Those who are willing to take risks,explore their limits,face their shortcomings and sometimes,experience defeat will go farther than people who timidly follow the safe and predictable path.

hOrison Swett Marden has this to say about courage, ” The moment you resolve to take hold of life with all your might and make the most of yourself at any cost,to sacrifice all lesser ambitions to your one great aim,to cut loose from everything that interferes with this aim,to stand alone,firm in your purpose,whatever happens,you set in motion the divine inner forces the creator has implanted in you for your own development. Live up to your resolve,work at what the creator meant you to work for the perfecting of His plan,and you will be invincible. No power on earth can hold you back from success.”

You do not have to be great to be a person of courage. You only need to be willing to reach your potential and trade what seems to be good in the moment for what’s best for your potential. That is what you can do regardless of your natural talent.