5 Most Important Things To Be Grateful For In Life

For each encounters in life,there is absolutely an important reason why it happened.Further more,there are some vital lessons to take along.

There are no accidents or coincidences on this side of eternity.God has mapped out the experiences each of us need to encounter inorder for our destiny fulfilment.

It is in the light of this that you and I should be grateful for whatever situations or conditions we find ourselves. Though some painful experiences are self-inflicted. Nevertheless,there is nothing that happens to us that God didn’t hint us about before it happened.

Now,for each encounters,there is need to be grateful for it because this is the only and proven way for you to fully benefit in the bounties the universe has in stock for you. You must take the route and understand that you are definitely heading somewhere better than where you are presently.

I have highlighted five(5) practical and real reasons your life must be full of constant gratitude. Take a look at them:

1. Be Grateful For The Life You Have

Undoubtedly,being alive is something to be desired above any other.

Even if you aren’t in the best position of comfort in terms of your health,social relationship,spiritual,or finances,it shouldn’t be an emotional or psychological overload,rather,it should be seen as a phase in your life cycle that will fade away with the passage of time.(that is,if you understand this to be so)

Sometimes,we blame God for the conditions of our lives. (This should be expected because of lack of understanding). Each time,a challenge pops up in our lives,it is time to have an introspection and decipher where we may have acted unwise whilst taking necessary precaution or action where necesaary.

Take for example,when you suddenly notice some worrisome health signs in your body,though it may cause you fear,but really the fear won’t take the signs away,rather,it is time to understand that the signs are a warning that you need to pay attention to your health.God does not wish ill-health for each of us,but when this challenges happen,it is to let us know He loves us and is reaching out to us in the best way He can through these challenges that life presents while hoping we will heed to His call.

So,every challenges are part of what makes us draw closer to God so He can accomplish all He intends for us.

In addition,the reason why you should  be grateful for life most especially is because being alive is evidenced that you still have much ahead of you to accomplish and achieve( that is if you take action/ responsibility for the goals/ opportunities/ plans you set for yourself). This is absolute. There are  incredible opportunities that presented themselves to you but because you didn’t take action on them,they slipped away. You are very much alive,inorderwords,there is a ray of hope and all things can be achievable if you set your mind to it.

2. Be Grateful For The Family God Gave You

Even if you lament about your family patterns especially when you remember your upbringing; the ugly and painful experiences that has shaped you into who you are presently,it still doesn’t mean life is unfair,rather,it shows that you are on the right path to your life’s fulfilment. This may sound ridiculous,but it is a reality. Your training beginning from your infancy to your adulthood is what culminates into the experiences that will help you in becoming what destiny wills for you. Since you have no absolute control over where you are born or who bore you,then,you have no control over those experiences. You must be grateful for your family and appreciate all their contributions or efforts in your life no matter how insignificant or inconsequential they may seem. There is no mistake in God. The right family for you is the one you were born into. There can be no better one than it.

3. Be Grateful For The Lessons Of Life

Life,as it is said,is not to be feared but understood. There is absolutely every reason to be grateful for the lessons you have learnt in all areas of life. Ask me why? You can only achieve growth and attain maturity through the lessons you receive in your family,relationships/associations/networks/fellowships,or educational involvement. All these formed together were meant to effect changes in the areas that needs attention in your life and help you become fit for what life is bringing next your way.

So next time,you have a good or not so good experiences in your relationship or any other life’s encounters,don’t go mulling over any negative feelings. Muster the courage to appreciate the experiences and look forward to handling such familiar experience maturedly in the nearest future.

4. Be Grateful For The Gift Of A Child

Having a child is one of the best and memorable reward/ gift life can offer you. Inorderwords,no matter how challenging it is to nurture a baby till he or she is fully matured to handle life,understand that it is a rare privilege and not a right. There are people out there who have no child yet,they are fulfilled because they choose to see the good side of life and appreciate the situation they are in.This is not to say,having no child is a good thing. Absolutely not. But if don’t have or do not have yet,it is not the end of the world.So,if you are blessed with a child,let the appreciation be reflected in your attitude towards this gift on a daily basis.You do not have reason to bemoan any fate whatsoever.The universe decided to reward you with the gift of a baby. It could have been anybody. So,count it as a big deal while believing God to help you in this assignment.

Also,it is noteworthy to understand that being a father or a mother is a huge responsibility and not one to fiddle with. It is a responsibility of a lifetime.As such,you should be ready to shoulder this responsibility while also understanding that you will reap the rewards of your labor of love in due season if you renege not.

5. Be Grateful For The Goals You Set For Yourself

Absolutely! Setting a goal for yourself shows that you still believe in yourself.More importantly,you believe it is achievable. This alone is a worthy cause. It is someone who has a functioning mental capacity that is able to think and set goals for him or herself.It is something to be grateful for. There are people out there who do not think it is important or necessary to have a goals or to set one.It is no wonder that they have remained frustrated,bitter,and judgemental towards life and the people in it.

Each time you set a goal for yourself,the universe however,always position opportunities in your path that will enable the actualization of this goal( this will be made possible if you remain focused on your goal).

What are the goals you have in the New year coming? First,are they achievable? If yes,then be assured that it’s a done deal as long as you put your heart to it and stay positive no matter the challenges that comes with it.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. With all my Love.