Questions To Ask When You Are About To Take On A Job Offer

After a long wait for a job offer,now the offer with an amazing package is here.Can you confidently say you are ready for it?Or perhaps,you are trying to figure out if thisis a dream come true or not.

Securing a job comes with it’s own advantages and disadvantages.Be that as it may,it’s always an amazing experience when you finally receive an employment letter for a job you had been looking forward to.However,this shouldn’t stop you from asking yourself pertinent questions regarding this career leap.Take a look at some important questions to ask.

What Are My Expectations On This Job?

Now let’s be frank,what were your expectations before this offer came in? Where they expectations of barely meeting the needs of your family,or to save enough inorder to enrol in your dream college,or perhaps to be able to pay the debt owed?Whatever reasons you may have,it is necessary to have a rethink and ensure that your reasons are unselfish and that you can still continue with the job description after your individual expectations have been met.

If you decide to take on a job offer for the sole reason of paying bills,then your motive is wrong.A job is not only meant to satisfy your financial obligations,it is,most importantly,meant to enhance and complement your career,your skillsets coupled with your talents.

Is It A Job That Complement My Values?

If your present value propositions are not clear enough,enforcing them could be a bit challenging when it comes to taking a right course of actions.

A job that merely satisfy your financial and social longing isn’t it. If it doesn’t in any way fit into your values,then finding fulfilment in such job would only be far from reality.

Take for instance,if one of your values is family,taking on a job that requires you travelling for almost part of the year may not be a wise decision to take. You will need to put your family into consideration because this is where your value lies. If your family aren’t willing or ready to be a part of your job description,then,you may as well quit the job. Remember,whatever you are doing and doesn’t bring fulfilment isn’t worth the effort.

Is It A Job That Is Rewarding And Fulfilling?

Getting a job should be one out of many leaps in your life.But have you paused to ask yourself if it is something that is truly rewarding in every sense of the word?By rewarding,I meant to say that you should be able to experience true and real satisfaction in terms of what the company delivers to its employees to ensure their safety and comfort both in their job description and their personal lives.You need to watch out.

Can I Make A Career Out Of This Job?

I have seen people who took on a job offer,worked for few years or more but later decided it wasn’t a job they can build a career from.This is to mean that all the years they spent in their job didn’t amount to anything but only to offset bills and meet company’s expectations.This is not a good thing. The work experiences garnered in all your working years shouldn’t go to waste in any way. No!It should serve a purpose which is to help you take another leap in your career prospect. This is why it is absolutely necessary to know your life’s expectations per time inorder to tailor such to fit into ant life’s endeavours of yours and so you can know when and how to navigate through challenges when they come.

Is It A Job That I Can Confidently Boast About?

It’s surely a great feeling when you secure a job that meets all your expectations in every sense of the word. Its something you want to share with your close pals if not the outside world.

Now,I do not meant to say that a job offer that is lower than your expectations isn’t worth the hype.Not at all.Sometimes,it is wise to keep it low when you get a job either with a mind blowing package or lesser than it. And sometimes when you get a job lower than your expectations, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.You can still make a life out of it.Perception says it all. However,considering your expectations for this particular job,does it measure up in any way? Are you ready to blow the trumpet or perhaps choose to keep it on the down low?

Remember,your expectations is very crucial that was the reason why it topped my ranking list above.

As you are about to take a career leap, it is wise to do a proper evaluation and reevaluation of your short and long term goals.It will help you immensely when are considering that leap.