How You Can Live A Quality Life

So how do you live a quality life? Let’s talk about solutions.As always, awareness is the first step. Thinking on paper will give you clarity,so you can make better decisions.One of the most valuable skills you can develop is the ability to ask yourself really good questions.Often simple questions provide the greatest insights.Ask yourself:

  • What specifically am I stressed about?
  • What is the root of cause of this stress?
  • What can I do right away to alleviate the situation?
  • Who or what can help me?
  • How can I prevent this from happening again?
  • What resources can I use to learn more?

Another great way to de-stress and improve balance is to adopt the traditional day of rest. Absolutely,it’s a day you intentionally set for yourself for a ‘me’ time or with the girls or the boys to let your guards down and be you.The choice is absolutely yours.

The pressure is constant and each one is trying to keep up with the pace without regard for our mental and psychological wellbeing. This creates chaos and imbalance in our day to day activities.

Now,it’s easy to get caught up in the hectic activity of daily living and lose sight of what you truly value. Unless you schedule this day off, it won’t happen. I suggest getting out of the house-it’s easy to get distracted by your to-do-list,by feeling guilty about not working on it.Get away if you can.Don’t let your mind burden you with worry,guilt or thoughts of work.Learn how to slow down and have fun.Give yourself permission to take this day off.Its a gift.You deserve it.All the other stuff can wait.Perhaps,it’s not really that important anyway.

Once you begin this,you will be amazed at how well you can manage.This day off will go a long way towards restoring relationships, bringing family members together,encouraging recreation and regaining your balance.

Another time-out strategy is to set out Girls or Boys day out.Whichever is applicable to you.These are amazing unique memorable experiences meant simply for fun and relaxation.They are special occasions that you can plan well in advance.There’s nothing like a group of women or men heading off for the day and enjoying a few good belly laughs.It’s great to be a little silly,to see the child in us come out to play.Go ahead and have fun,meet together for lunch,have a glorious picnic in beautiful surroundings,or go on a hike No guilt allowed! Your time is not a luxury,it’s a necessity.When you nurture yourself,it does wonder to your psyche.Absolutely.

The truth is happiness is infectious and those in your immediate world gets to be infected first when you are truly happy.

The same principle applies on the workfront.Women think that taking time for themselves will affect their performance. That’s right,it will- for the better.Some companies even insist their employees do this because they know the benefits that rejuvenation can have on the bottom line.Creative ideas most often originate during down time. Keeping yourself heathy,nourished and rested is a huge benefit,even if you are neglecting other areas of self-care.Just know your physical limits.Avoid the lame excuses: “But I don’t know how to relax,” or “I can’t relax with these workloads.”  Taking enough time is a learned behavior.It involves discipline and practice.The busy stuff of life will always be there.You must learn to hit the stop button each and every week.

Taking the 15-Minute Crossover

Some days when you walk through the front door at home,your husband,the kids and the dog are all eagerly waiting to launch themselves at you with news and requests,even before you think of taking off your clothes.But if you have worked a full day and your head is buzzing with meetings and deadlines,you need a mechanism to switch off the workplace.Here’s a good strategy to helo you ease out on one role and into another.

The 15-Minutes Crossover is an agreement with everyone which allows you fifteen minutes to unwind,-change your clothes,take a few deep breaths,have a cold shower and have something refreshing to drink ,or whatever works for you.Then you are better prepared to step into the role of wife and mother or husband and father again.Beautiful! If you are able,push the time to thirty minutes and slip in a mini-nap.It makes a world of difference. Even if you don’t have a full house when you come home,you should still take fifteen minutes to unwind from the pressures of the day.Don’t allow busyness to determine the quality of your life. Take care of you first,and everything else will fall in place.