Reasons Why Customer Service Should be Improved Upon On A Day to Day Basis.

My recent findings in the last six months shows that customer service trainings is not much of an in-thing for some businesses in my locality. They don’t seem to be bothered about it. This is reflected majorly in the attitudes of the customer service employees. Their attitude is unprofessional.

Sometimes,I actually approach one or two of them to offer my professional advice.And in other instances,I get to approach the manager about the development. Even the manager who is supposed to handle the matter in a professional way acts otherwise. This is rather disappointing. “Where are the professional and skilled Customer service people? Have they all retire?”
So,my curiosity made me to research deeply on why this is so.
On taking a sample survey, and by close observation,I observed that virtually 78-90% of customer service employees(who are age -ranged between 21years – 25years)are not skilled professional and thus lacked empathy for the customers and the organization they work for. To them,it’s all about finding a job to get their lives running and some fees paid and not much of how an organization takes their career serious or not. So,I decided to go further.
My findings also shows that 67%-78% of most organizations do not want to invest in CS trainings.Why? You may ask.
Because,it’s a waste of time and resources. To them,these CS employees are only in the job to receive a paycheck and in less than 6 -12 months,majority of them quit the job. So,the hunting for new employees begins. “It’s rigorous and not encouraging in anyway” as a supermarket owner puts it when we had a tete à tete on the attitudes of his CS staffs.

So,does this mean trainings shouldn’t be included in their job expectations anylonger or what?
I remembered while I was in frontline operations at a Food restaurant over 11 years ago.There was a compulsory customer service training for every staff of the company each month.I could recollect vividly that the facilitator back then was my high school mate’s sister. The training boosted my CS career and I did enjoy my stay till I decided it was time to go for further studies.

Another factor to consider is the economy.The inflation rates,high rates of taxation,government agencies compulsory levies has a lot to do with these developments.A situation that has left most organizations to be merely existing but not making impact as they ought to especially in their service delivery. And this is rather appalling.
My question is,how can we tackle this development?

Here are few good ways customer service employees can improve on their CS. delivery. It’s from one of my mentors Hassan Mansoor,a digital marketing guru and brand Communications expert.Take a look at it here>>>

10 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service and Increase Sales Performance

So,moving on,I also believed that,aside directing all the work to the customer service employees because they are in constant contact with customers,there is also need for organizations to play their own part and ensure its internal customers (employees and all other staffs in the organization) and the external customers have the best possible customer service experience. Both work hand in hand.

Tali Yahalom gives an incredible advice on how this can be achieved in his article. Read here>>>

Customer service is an important part of any organisation. It is therefore absolutely necessary to improve on it on a regular basis. This is how brand loyalty can be won and sales revenue on the rise.

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