The Barriers That Keep You Stuck In Life

Making changes provides an opportunity to dramatically better our lives. We can improve our health,relationships,career,income,level of happiness and our hopes for a more optimistic future. Making changes requires a conviction that we are making the right choices.

Now,there are five(5) barriers that will stop you from moving forward.The first step is to become aware of these barriers.When you take the time to observe what is really going on,you will be in a better position to make wise decisions.

American enterpreneur,Jim Rohn said, “You cannot change your destination overnight,but you can change your direction.”

  • Coasting In Your Comfort Zone

We all love comfort but unfortunately it is one of the culprits which keeps us stuck.Even when we know we need to make changes,we often choose what feels safe and familiar instead of what we really want.We are great at making excuses,living in denial and justifying why we choose to stay stuck.

For years I was using an old version of database software,though it keeps giving technical itches here and there but I seem not to be bothered. As my career advances,I realized I needed an upgrade.It was time for change; to move from the familiar and comfort zone to a whole new experience. The thought of leaving the comfort zone scares me and I’m sure you can relate.

It is not only computer software we hang on to in our desire to stay close to the familiar.We do it in other areas too; we take the same route to work every day,we shop at the same stores,we order the same items from the menu instead of selecting something different.

Too many routines hinders you from challenging yourself.It’s pretty much the same thing day in day out.Choosing to stay in a comfort zone eventually restricts your capacity for life.Is that what you really want?

– How about requiring more of yourself so you can create better options.

– How about no longer waiting for someone else,or your life circumstances to change,before making a move.

  • Beware Of Apathy And Indifference.

Realizing your life is on hold because you are stuck in the comfort zone trap is quite different from another obstacle to change:Apathy and Indifference and a lack of passion rob many people from taking calculated risks that will improve their circumstances. For some,it’s their life-load that is holding them back.They are burdened enough already.

Change for these set of people is just another thing to do.Many are shut down emotionally-life feels flat and joyless.They go about the motions of living,but they are dead inside.

Perhaps,you are thinking,there’s no way I can be excited about my job.I challenge you to change that.Feeling indifferent or bored is not a good return on the many precious hours you invest at work. Your jobs need to be more fulfilling than just picking up a paycheck.Even the most menial work can become stimulating with the right attitude.What could you do to build on your enthusiasm and boost your energy?

It is not only people who are overburdened that end up feeling apathetic and indifferent. Most working individuals would like to change their situations but they have stayed too long at the same job and eventually Indifference sets in.This robs them of any remaining desire.They don’t care anymore,they don’t like their work, they become tired and numb.It’s just a job.

Be careful! When you are apathetic in one area of your life,it can soon spill into others.

  • Fear

Fear often appears when you are about to take a risk.The level of fear is proportional to the size of the risk.If you are making small changes,you may not feel overly fearful.However,if you are planning major life challenges,your fear is likely to be much greater.

What do you fear?



Being judged




What’s at the top of your list?

Justifying Your Actions

Sometimes we don’t want to open our eyes to reality because the truth is extremely painful.It’s easier to justify and rationalize being stuck instead of making changes.

Have you ever known someone who could not manage her money? Her bills were not paid on time plus the credit cards were overused and abused.Yet she can justify spending the money she doesn’t have because she’s addicted to shopping.Just like fun-loving Nancy,a comic book character who’s always in debt but can’t seem to stay away from the stores.

  • Putting Things Off

If you hadn’t already noticed,procrastination is another major roadblock to change.Do you ever puy things off? Just about evryone does,to some degree or another.Here’s the crash course to discovering why we play this stressful game. Check the list to see where you stack up.

-You are bored.

– You are overwhelmed with work.

– Your confidence has slipped.

– You have low self- worth.

– You are doing work you don’t really enjoy.

– You are easily distracted.

– You are downright lazy.

How often have you put off some unpleasant or unrewarding task until it is nearly too late,or worse? The deadline looms,the pressure mounts,and finally you swing into action.In the end,more often than not,the deed gets done.But the stress is draining.You swear you will never put yourself through that again,but the vow is soon broken.Why,oh why,do we keep doing this ourselves?

We know that should act,and that failing to do so will bring us grief and yet we do nothing. “When we procrastinate,it’s almost often about long term objectives. Instead of attending to those,we go with what is more pleasurable or less painful right now.” says Piers Steel.

My question now to you is -What is really holding you back from advancing in life? Do a check now and make ammends where necessary.