How To Follow Healthy Guidelines Daily

If you know the value of good health, you ‘ve had a hard time making the commitment to know and follow healthy guidelines,here are some suggestions to help you turn your attention to the subject and tackle it:

  • Have A Purpose Worth Living For

Nothing is better than perspective for helping a person want to do the right thing.When you have something to live for,not only does it make you desire a long life,but it also helps you to see the importance of the steps along the way.Seeing the big pictures enables us to put up with little irritations.

It is hard to fund motivation in the moment when there is no hope in the future.A sense of purpose helps a person to make a decision to change and then follow through with the discipline required to make that change permanent.

  • Do Work You Enjoy

One of the greatest causes of debilitating stress in people’s lives is doing jobs which they don’t enjoy. It’s like comedienne Lily Tomlin said, ” The problem with the rat race is that even if you win,you are still a rat.”

I believe two major frustrations contribute to the stress.The first is doing work you don’t think is important If you do work that you believe adds no value to yourself or to others,you quickly become demoralized. If you work in that state for a long time,it begins to wear you down.To remain healthy, your work must be in alignment with your values.

Another reason some people don’t like their work is that they do jobs that keep them in an area of weakness.Nobody can do that long and succeed.For example,most people hate the thought of public speaking.How would you like to get up in front of an audience and speak to them everyday? That’s some people’s number one fear. But to others,that is their greatest joy.After they speak to people for five to seven hours at a conference,they aren’t tired.They are fired up! Speaking to an audience energizes them.

One of the ways you can tell you are working in an area of strength is that it actually gives you energy.Even if you are in the early stages of your career or are starting out on a new venture and you are not very good at something you are doing,you can still tell it’s an area of strength by paying attention to how you respond to their failures. Mistakes that challenge you show your areas of strength. Mistakes that threaten you show your areas of weakness.

  • Find Your Pace

Part of taking care of yourself includes finding and maintaining the pace that’s right for you.If you take life more slowly than ypur energy level is capable of,you can become lazy.If you continually run at a pace faster than you are capable of,you can burn out. You need to find your balance.

  • Accept Your Personal Worth

A poor or distorted self-image is the cause of many health-threatening conditions and activities,from drug use and alcoholism to eating disorders and obesity.

Psychologist Joyce Brothers says, “An individual’s self-concept affects every aspect of human behavior.The ability to learn…the capacity to grow and change…the choice of friends,mates, and careers.It is no exaggeration to say that a strong positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life.” If your self-image is driving you to do things that negatively affect your health,seek help.

  • Laugh

We should never take life or ourselves too seriously. Each of us has idiosyncrasies that can cause us to despair or to laugh.If you can laugh at yourself loudly and often,you will find it liberating.There’s no better way to prevent stress from becoming distress.

As physician Bernie S.Siegel wrote in Peace,Love and Healing, “I’ve done the research and I hate to tell you but everybody dies- lovers,joggers,vegetarians and non-smokers.I’m telling you this so that some of you who jog at 5a.m and eat vegetables will occasionally sleep late and have an ice cream cone.”