Making Lifestyle Changes

Mae West once said, “You only live once but if you do it right once is enough”

Not until recently that these words began to make real sense to me.

For some weeks now,I have been checking in with the doctor’s back to back.Not because my health was failing.Not at all. The truth is,I deliberately set myself up for it.It was part of my new year achievable goals.

Infact,I must state here that I had been overly lax with my general wellbeing particularly in relation to my oral health. It was beginning to get to me and I wasn’t feeling comfortable any longer. So I decided it was time to face the reality ahead of me. It was time to do the needful once and for all and move on with life. I can’t imagine my career being halted by any health issue at this phase of my life.Absolutely not! I have sacrificed a lot in terms of my professional commitments.Though there are still feats to achieve but I believe it’s better I take proper care of myself now than being hijacked by some unpalatable health issues.

Besides,it’s better to put a stop as early as possible to anything that have the likelihood to stop you dead in your tracks when you are climbing the ladder to success.

I realised it was time for me to make some lifestyle changes. Here are the outcomes.

1. Plan My Goals

Indeed I’m in an intense phase in my career and professional line.I knew what was ahead of me and for me to actualize these goals,I needed to set a plan.

First,I looked at my goals for the year. Not an overload per se but it will require some tons of commitment and dedication on my part.

I started with commiting some weeks into creating a new course for my students and that came quite easy though because I had prepared the curriculum way ahead.

Next,was in personal development. Absolutely! I got this. I wanted a career leap into screen writing and it’s time to enrol in a professional training course. That will soon kick off.

In between my planning,I had envisaged a visit to the clinic inorder to allay the fears that had overwhelmed me for some time now. It was time to make the move.

2. Face The Fear

Really,in the middle of my planning and execution,I checked in with the doctor’s. It was one big move and I was firm with my decision. From one medical examination to the other. Infact,when I checked in with the dentist,her report was unpalatable. Never mind.I was the culprit in this case. I had been fiddling with my oral health and the outcome was to have four teeth extracted. What! This means there will be no tooth left to munch foods.” I exclaimed while the dentist was filing the report.She turned to me withe a sigh and said, “But you caused it.Thank heavens that you haven’t contacted any infecton as a result.” That was introspective.So,I thought to myself, “You ‘ve got to do this. It’s absolutely the best time.Your health is paramount when it comes to fully benefiting from the bounties of life.” This is absolute.

Without sound health,it will be impossible to achieve or actualise the goals that we set for ourselves.

3. Build Resilience

Resilient was the name of my game. Despite my present state,I was not going to allow myself to be drowned in the ocean of guilt and worry. Anyways,I have to focus on my goals. No matter what is happening externally,I should be able to control my thoughts and belief system by staying positive. Though,the judgemental and critical voices do yell at me but with a resolute mind,I remained on top of my game. This helped a lot.

4. Career put on hold

Now!this is a stark reality about life. Sometimes,what we don’t plan for comes along to test our character,and faith.

So,due to the teeth extractions I had,one major professional career of mine which was a talkshow programme was put on hold. I remembered when I was about to go in for the surgery,the dentist was asking me some questions and I was flowing easily but after the surgery,I came out with a swollen mouth and was unable to communicate well. Infact,one of the caregivers told me to talk less and rest often for at least two weeks.At that point,my mind drifted to my talkshow programme. “No programme for the next two weeks.” I lamented. But this is reality infront of me.I can’t deny it.

With this development,I thought of new strategies and long term goals inorder to sustain this career of mine.

Sometimes,shits happen inorder to give us a redirection or perhaps a better way of doing things.

4. Value relationships

Life is about relationships and relationships is what life is about.

How does it feel when one is a loner facing all the knockouts from life’s overwhelming challenges without no succour or respite from loved ones? A bitter pill to swallow you say.

So,I came to the realisation of a salient truth from Buddha, “Life is very short.So break up your silly ego,forgive quickly,believe slowly,love truly,laugh loudly and neve avid anything that makes you smile.”

For some reasons,I am beginning to see the need to slow down on my perfectionism nature.The lady with the rules. That’s my payoff. But boredom is setting in quietly and I just wanted to let some things fly without waving a wand.Accepting other people’s inadequacies,and faults is part of having a healthy relationships and this is very crucial to living a fulfilling and worthwhile life.