5 Proven Ways You Can Build Your Brand Presence

Now,having a brand is a big deal but maintaining and sustaining the brand is more than a big deal. To have a brand succeeding in this twenty-first takes dedication and determination.

You don’t need to go overboard if things aren’t working.It just means you still need to put more effort.

Here are proven ways you can do so.

1. Have A Social Media Platform

Aside the traditional method of advertising your brand,it’s time to go the digital way. Having a social media platform is a good way. You can do absolutely anything on your platform aside posting contents that are demoralizing. Your social media platform will help you project your brand/ identity to the world. There are tons of social media platforms online from Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Tumblr,Pininterest,Soundcloud,and others. And if you are on the professional side,platforms like Udemy,Fiverr,LinkedIn,Upwork and others could help alot.So,go ahead and join one today and you will be glad you did.

2. Be Your Own Influencer

You may be wondering how possible this is.Let me show you.

If you ‘ve made attempts to engage the services of social media influencers and it’s not forthcoming. Don’t give up too soon. It’s time to look inwards and think of ways success can be achieved. One way is to be your own influencer. You can begin by joining credible online platforms especially those that align with your profession. Take for example,if you are a film editor and you have online presence on major social media platforms,you can deliberately make comments,like or reshare other people’s posts by mentioning or tagging their name while you make your valid contribution on their post page. This will make those who are participants on the page to want to view your profile and who knows,you can be the candidate they have been looking for.

Other way is,when you are making comments on a post,if what is been talked about is similar to what you offer as a brand. For instance,if someone post a content/ banner which highlights Enjoying the present moment. This should be a great opportunity to advertise your blog especially if you already wrote a blog article relating to The present moment or enjoying life. You only need to post the link to the site and phew! you are already your own brand influencer. Absolutely,other people will be interested in what you have to say about enjoying the present moment and they will be eager to visit your page.

3. Be A Guest Of A Show

There are times that you desire more popularity and brand awareness of your service or product beyond the social media thing,or you feel you aren’t getting enough of what you projected.You can decide to be a guest of a talk show. If you are lucky,the host can be a friend or someone you are familiar with.You can begin firstly by letting them know about your brand when you have the chance to talk. If what you have will also help them increase customer/fan base and loyalty,they will be glad and willing to invite you to talk about your brand on their show. Sometimes,you could be charged for it and if you are fortunate,you could be hosted without paying a dime. It all depends.

4. Promote Your Brand

Absolutely! If you your career goal is to project your brand beyond your immediate enviroment,then you need to think of involving social media engagements by promoting your brand on these social media platforms. You only need to pay some tokens and you will be marveled at what promotions can do. Take for example,if you just introduced a product or service into the market,you can opt for online platforms that engage in social media promotions like facebook,instagram,twitter and Spreaker(which is for those who are broadcasters,show host etc). There are a whole lot out there. You only need to search online and make your choice.

5. Post Your Products or Services On Your Friends WhatsApp pages

One of the easiest way to advertise your brand is by letting your friends in the know. When I mean friends,I mean those who buy into your vision and are more likely to hop into what you have and not those who feel threatened by your progress or success. These people will only frustrate your effort or not see reason why they should honor your brand. You have to choose wisely and ensure you build networks and not ordinary friendships that leads to nowhere.

Now,when you are certain you are in the right group,then go ahead to inform them of what you have. I’m sure they will be happy for you and will be eager to influence your brand.