How You Can Build Your Personal Identity

  • Have Integrity

When you are trying to build a brand for yourself either at home or in your work environment,taking integrity into consideration is very vital.

Integrity is a noble character. It is being honest at all times and showing a consistent and adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.

If a man lacks integrity in his homefront,he or she is sending the wrong signal to his wife and children especially. When he give his word to his children and then he failed to keep to the word.He is seen as a man that is not reliable and trustworthy. It will be difficult for his children to make requests from him because they know he will not act on it. This kind of a father or husband is definitely setting the stage for separation within his homefront. Gradually,his family begin to resent him and the love and reliance that he once earned begin to fade into thin air.

Integrity begins from the homefront. It’s an asset and one that can be passed to the children.

Most times,the failure of our leaders in their leadership position is as a result of lack of integrity which often stems from the homefront. You cannot give what you don’t have. It’s that simple.

  • Have A Great Sense Of Self-Worth

Having an incredible self-worth will go a long way to help you stand out and give you an edge in life.

When I talk of self-worth,I mean that you know deep within that you are a good person and you deserve to be treated with respect. It is an aura that you build daily.

Though,self-worth begins from childhood. If you do not train your children to value themselves and know their worth,they develop low self-esteem, lack self-confidence,and feel less important amidst their peers. This will become part of their lives as they grow up and the need to overcome this negativity becomes a constant battle.

You also need to know that self-worth is about who you are and not what you do.

Inorderwords,when you want to build a personal brand,you must take care of your personal worth.This is critical to your achievement in life.

  • Choose Your Relationships

Of course,no one is an island unto himself or herself. You need people in your life. That’s undeniable.

However,when it comes to building a personal brand,how about reevaluating your relationships not on a daily basis but let’s say between 6 months to a year.When you do this,it gives you a clarity on how your relationship is faring and enable you to make decisions appropriately.

Building a personal brand entails you choosing who will be in your space and who will not. It isn’t about seeking validation,or wanting approval. If your self-worth is in place,you definitely understand that it isn’t about people’s feelings or opinion.Rather,it’s about you. You come first in every decision making and nothing must rob you of this truth. I dare to say,you are in absolute control of your life and everything around it. So,go ahead and choose your relationship wisely.

Permit me to state here that the people in your life says alot about you. If you keep those who aren’t leading you anywhere,you tend to besmirch your personal image and you become lost in the crowd.Really, others define you by the relationship you keep or have.So,you need to watch out.

  • Earn The Respect

I often tell my friends that real respect is earned and not deserved. Don’t come telling me that you deserve to be respected when you haven’t worked for it. Tough you say. Absolutely! Those who want to be respected must first be the man or woman of his/her words. If you don’t honor your word,earning respect is just a farce. If all you do is abuse the leadership role/position being handed to you in your home,workplace or in your office,then,you are far from being respected.

If you want to build a personal brand,then be ready to sacrifice your ego/pride,selfishness and arrogance for humility,personal responsibility,and selflessness.This is the way to go.