Mind Your Language

It is absolutely important and necessary to be mindful of the way you or your partner communicate. The wrong usage of words can tear a person down faster than a lethal weapon.

When you talk,you sometimes innocently send alienating messages which affects your relationships.This manner of speech may become a habit and you may lose sight of how offensive it can be and the damage it can do to your relationships. When your partner blow up eventually because of suppressed emotions,you jump to the conclusion that they are overreacting which in most cases,they aren’t .

Engaging your partner in a barrage of words is destructive communication. Most ladies are determined to out-talk their partners right from the start and the man ends up not communicating meaningfully.

To be a good communicator,you must avail your partner of the opportunity to disagree with you if necessary, without losing your temper and flying into a rage. You must watch out for this in your choice of a marriage partner.

Sulking all day or all week when your opinion is not accepted or when you are opposed, imparts a negative impression of you.People who cannot stand being opposed display insecurity or an inferiority complex. They tend to think criticism means that they have failed,or that they are not as intelligent as they want people to believe. They usually fight back by bantering with whoever their opponents are (their partner’s in this case).

Finally,if you are in the habit of not allowing your partner to disagree with you in discussions,you are stifling him or her emotionally and intellectually. He or she may finally explode one day and the unpleasant consequences of this could translate into a mental or emotional breakdown.

Communication is the life of any relationship. You must learn to say and look out for people that you know how to say,pleasant things.Always be positive with words and let the light in your eyes reflect the same message your lips utter.

Learn to say, ‘I love you,’ but only when you mean it. Say, ‘I’m sorry,’ and mean it. You will make someone’s life easier.

Most importantly,before you can achieve any meaningful level of communication with anyone,you must first learn to communicate with God. Open up to Him on anything and you will be amazed at the life of the power of your spoken word will give.