Reasons The Change You Desire Seems Elusive

Why do the change people long for in life seems far-fetched? Why do people struggle hard to attain the goals they set for themselves? How can the change they anticipate happen overnight?

Life as it is often said isn’t to be feared but understood. There are reasons behind the frustrations and pent-up anger within you simply because you have become bored with the kind of life you are living. You know deep within that there is a better life than where you are presently but you don’t have the slightest idea of how to set yourself free and reach for the life you had always wanted.The answers or the solutions you need is within.

Now,let’s deal with the reasons why that change seems elusive.

  • You Are Wrongly Positioned

Positioning is key to experiencing breakthroughs in life.By positioning,I mean where you are located. This location can be the kind of relationship you are keeping, the environment you are living, the kind of marital relationship you have,and the work environment you find yourself.

Now,I’m not saying that you should quit your job,your relationships,or file for a divorce in your marriage. Really,if the change you desire demand you take a bold step and quit every relationships which isn’t beneficial to your life’s values/priorities,or drop a job which isn’t fulfilling,or leave your immediate environment which is choking your potentials,then why not,make the move and do the needful.

Likewise,if you feel imprisoned in your marriage and you have a deep urge to break free inorder to fulfil destiny and experience the serendipity that life has in its offing,go ahead and do same. Breaking free doesn’t imply separating from your partner or filing a divorce,not at all. It actually means,making your partner understand your state of mind-your heartfelt desires to want to live a fulfilled life not just being married but in other spheres of life-socially,career-wise,and emotionally.You deserve to be happy,joyful and fulfilled as a human being and if where you are positioned isn’t affording you that life,then,a deliberate/intentional move is inevitable.

  • Doing The Wrong Thing

Absolutely! If you are meant to be a hairdresser/stylist and you are into logistics/haulage all because you had no option,then,you may find it hard to experience the positive change you desire.Hey! don’t get me wrong. God bless each one of us with unique gifts and talents for our fulfilment. It isn’t a must that you only maximize just one of those gifts and leave others buried within.It is possible to maximize all as long as you are convinced they are innate. What am inferring to is knowing deep within that what you are presently doing is not your calling but you are simply doing it because this is what life throws at you.

You need to understand that acquiring wealth,having connections and being happy isn’t enough. Finding true fulfilment is all that matters. It’s important you know that God only make provision for the vision he gives you.Invariably,if you are living in purpose,you will be protected by it.

If then you are convinced you are doing the right thing/in the right job,then,be assured that everything will go well even though there may be challenges along the way.

  • Faulty Belief System

Your belief system could either be faulty or positive. Most times,they are faulty because of your upbringing. If you have been living with a faulty belief system,it’s difficult to experience change and positive outcomes in life/endeavours.This is because your beliefs often affect your life either positively or negatively.

Even if you are in the right church/assembly or in the right relationship,if your belief system is faulty,you will remain stuck and frustrated. While you see changes obvious in the life of others,it will be absent in your life.

Now,if all you learn as a youngster is to seek help from people at all times when you need one,it will be a struggle for you to believe in yourself and to be confident of your capabilities.You will always come to the conclusion that you need others to get things done.As such,you give up your power/ability to others. This is a faulty belief system and will definitely shrink your vision/dreams/goals in life. It is a limiting belief and you will do well if you have a paradigm shift and drop those beliefs.

  • Resentments/Grudges

This may sound off beat. It is absolutely true and research also prove that bearing resentments towards people can trigger some negative reactions in the body which may lead to cancer and other dysfunctions. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be angry when you are put off. I’m not saying you shouldn’t fly off the handle or throw tantrums around when people throw mud at your face and call you names. Of course not! You have the right to spill out your guts, to express how you feel. But if you have done all these,then it’s time to move on. Even,if those who hurt you didn’t show any remorse,for your own health and peace of mind,find the courage within to bury the hatchet and let go. Tell yourself that you are more than enough. You are not going to be imprisoned by unforgiveness and let it rob you of the blessings and peace of mind. You are going to go ahead to forgive even if it still hurts. Now this is the way to go.When you do this,you will experience true peace and a positive energy overwhelms you.

Since you aren’t bearing resentment/grudges anymore,I can confidently tell you that you will begin to experience positive change in every sphere of your life. It’s like magic but it isn’t. It is called the law of attraction. When you have positive energy/aura within,it attracts every other positive elements/things around you.

Now,you can see that change isn’t elusive as you think. Having a paradigm/mental shift is all you need to break even.

Inorderwords,go ahead and act now!