How You Can Seize The Moment- Succeeding In Trying Times.

Sometimes loneliness can be killing especially when you have no one to really express how you feel to,or perhaps someone to put you through some cool stuffs,you tend to feel distraught.

Moving forward to the recent pandemic,there has been drastic toll on most people’s level of productivity with the shut in, stay indoors payoff boldly written on the doorposts of houses and offices.

Now,boredom,confusion,hopelessness,and helplessness is expected in such a dicey situation. However,it is possible to create something out of nothing even in impossible or despairing situation.

Here are ways you can survive the trying times brought about by the ongoing pandemic while you still observe the stay at home injuction. Remember, you are absolutely in control of your life and its outcome, so be in charge.

  • Start out on freelancing.

One good way to boost your productivity back is to begin a freelance service or join one.

You can be an independent freelancer doing cool stuffs for people and earning your pay or be a contracted freelancer. The choice is yours. There are tons of freelancing sites online. Find your area of specialization and get the job done. You don’t have any excuse to be bored or idle. Remember,an idle hand is the devil’s workshop.

  • Subscribe to online educational materials.

Now that everyone is indoors including the little puppy and the bunny,you can decide to subscribe for educational materials for the whole family which will engage their mind and boost their energy levels. Of course,energy level. If you aren’t productive,your energy level will be low. Your mind needs to stay active and engaged inorder for growth to happen. Find the materials suitable for your children’s and ensure you monitor them.There are whole lot of downloadable materials- ebooks,epub,and kindle books. Likewise,ensure everyone gets something that is tailor-made for them.

  • Get a Training

Now,is the best time to enrol for that training you have been procrastinating on. It is absolutely a great opportunity as such a time to seize. Go online and search for that training / course you intend to pursue,and you will be amazed at the options available to choose from. If the course fee is somewhat expensive,you can opt for ebooks. They are less expensive.

One of my goals for this year is to get a training on a new career leap of mine. I had visited the training school and looking forward to enrolling but unfortunately,the recent stay at home rule gas made it impossible for me to achieve my goal. However,instead of quitting,I decided to get a virtual training and I’m presently doing so. It has saved me time and money. Not that it’s a free training,absolutely not, but at least,compared to the one I intend to register for,I have some extra change in my pocket.

  • Brainstorm on new ideas

Undoubtedly,the ongoing pandemic is causing job loss for majority of people. Most companies are downtooling and employees are back on the street.

It’s absolutely natural to tend to mull over the turn of events happening in the world presently,but it is is a reality and we all must face it.

I’m certain that the world will cease to be the same after this pandemic. However,it is definitely the perfect time to begin brainstorming on new ideas that will move your career and your life forward. Begin by doing research findings on what is going to be the outcome of this sudden change in the world especially as regards to the economy of the world and think of how you be the game changer the world needs right now.

Think of the transport sector,manufacturing/production sector,telecoms/IT sector,Health sector,and the media.What are the gaps that will need to be filled in these industries after these pandemic?

The time to act is now,the time to bring about the change the world needs is now. You can be the change.