Staying indoors and hoping for the best.Absolutely!

Now,I’m beginning to appreciate the importance of freedom and Control.

To freedom,why have you suddenly evaded my space?

I have a free spirit.Uninhibited and natural. This is my personality. However,the stay indoor rule has drove in boredom to my space. House arrest you call it,you are right.

I sit in front of the computer,not browsing but working. I mean,it’s boring.

On the flip side,I’m forced to learn something new online,having a training on the go, and getting abandoned projects completed.

The boredom is killing. No visits to families and loved ones. No hangouts with colleagues and business partners. No reaching out to a friend for an unwind. I mean,this is boxing me in.

I miss my Google guide adventure. Having o stand by a street corner to capture an interesting object or subject for discussion on the google connect platform is something I cherish. Writing reviews of places and things all because I have the opportunity of visiting and having first-hand experience of them is particularly exciting for me.

I mean,I love freedom in its entirety. I do not like routine. No! not my thing. Nature is appealing to me but here I am, within my walls ,stretching my neck to have a peep at my sorrounding. Really,it’s beginning to get to me. Sort of,out of touch with what’s happening around. Sometimes,can’t remember the date and the day- The outcome of staying indoors.

To Control,what have you done to me? I have so much of you in my space. I think I like it. I have absolute control of everything especially with my time. I can think clearly and plan my schedule properly. No phone calls for an impromptu meeting. The phone seems to be in a rest mode for now and I think it’s okay.lool.

But really,nothing feels like being free. It’s absolutely the best thing that can ever happen to anyone.

Above all,I believe this is an opportunity to make things right, reevaluate my priorities and see if they are in tandem with my vision. It’s the best time to reorganize my life and work. To begin to let go of all that has overburdened my sanity. To reexamine my goals.for the year in terms of my career prospects, family,love life,and social life.

It’s the best time to maximize each opportunities that the universe brings my way especially those that aligns with my goals and visions.

To understand that life is a gift. As such,I must appreciate everything in it.

-Diary of a recovering worrier.