Taking Charge Of Your Diet And Lifestyle 1

The Carbohydrate Connection

What comes to mind when you think of carbohydrate?Do you see white bread,fresh from the oven?A big bowl of Mama’s pasta?Mashed Potatoes? Or do you see a field of greens and baskets of fresh-picked fruits? Here’s an assumption:you saw something white. From kindergarten to high school,we are taught to follow our government food guides. For some reason,passed on from food guide to food guide,fruits and vegetables are not referred to as carbohydrate. We have been carbohydrate-conditioned to believe that a carb is white.

Another myth is that all carbohydrates are evil. We may have developed habits using comfort foods to make us feel better,but carbohydrates aren’t bad. Some,such as white bread,white rice,and white sugar,do have some evil tendencies,but only when we include them three times a day. I’m getting wiser about avoiding white carbohydrates. I still buy the occasional french loaves,but mostly,I stick to whole grains and brown.White bread can be difficult in the bowel.

Carbohydrates today are defined as high-glycemic and low-glycemic(glycemic refers to sugar content). Naturally present in abundance around the world,carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for energizing our bodies. They keep our energies running. They also provides us with vitamins,minerals, enzymes,fibres,antioxidants and phyto-nutrients necessary to general health. Natural carbohydrates are the key to health,weight management,and disease prevention.

I recommend choosing carbohydrates on the low-to-medium glycemic scale. These include natural foods such as apples,berries,slow-cooked oatmeal,legumes,(beans,peas,lentils),whole grains,most vegetables and nuts or seeds(which are also protein sources). These will sustain your energy,whereas high-glycemic carbohydrates will give you a quick boost but leave you crashing later. Low glycemic carbohydrates will benefit you by balancing your blood sugars and insulin levels. They will also prevent fat storage. This is a great news for people who wants to shed weight.

Eat food that remembers where it came from.

I had a nephew who had a problem with feeling sleepy during the day. A healthy twenty-one year old,he would often nap in the afternoons,even after a good night’s rest. I told him to watch his carbohydrates. I rightly suspected he was hypo-glycemic(low blood sugar). He soon discovered that by eating the right carbohydrates and increasing his water intake,he felt much better,with lots more energy. I think there are many people with this condition. They brush it off as too much stress and overburdened. Eat the right carbohydrates and feel the difference. If you feel listless or sleepy shortly after eating a meal,check what you ate.

On Ratios And Proportions

Cut down on the amount of food you eat. Sound weird! But that’s the truth.We eat too much and that isn’t healthy. We have become a society of overeaters.

Few years ago,I had difficulty cutting down on my serving portions especially to my immediate family and relatives. Often times,they would kindly request I take some portions out. I find it hard to adjust to the habit because I was brought up by a mother who would dish out large portions of food for me and instruct I finish it up or there’s no one else to eat the leftover.Old habits die hard. Isn’t it?

My Lifestyle coach teaches that a ratio of 50 percent carbohydrates,30 percent protein,and 20 percent fat is best. A healthy balance include low glycemic carbohydrates such as salad greens,or vegetables, lean proteins such as fish,poultry,eggs or legumes and essential fats such as sesame,olive or flax oils perhaps served in a dressing or sauce. Brown rice or whole wheat pasta is preferred to white rice or white pasta. This is a healthy balanced meal.

Healthy snacks should also be balanced. When eating an apple,have some almonds too.Have low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit together,or fresh vegetable with low-fat dip or perhaps a small protein energy bar.

You may not need to neglect your roots,the solution is to apply moderation.

The way you eat is a reflection of the respect you have for yourself- Pure ella