Taking Charge Of Your Diet And Lifestyle 2

The pH Perspective

All foods have alkaline, acid,or neutral properties.Vegetables and fruits have an alkaline effect on you. Lemons,oranges,and tomatoes are acidic,but they are alkaline-forming in your body. Conversely,steaks are alkaline but acid-forming inside you.

Both alkaline and acid foods are necessary,but making approximately 80 percent of your diet alkaline will help prevent illness.When the amount of acid residue is too great,an imbalance occurs and your immune system becomes compromised. This imbalance causes metabollic acidosis or ketosis,which occurs in high-protein diets Acidosis increases your risk of cardiovascular damage,weight gain,diabetes,premature aging,certain cancers,osteoporosis,allergies,asthma,arthritis,lactic acid buildup(gout),poor nutrient absorption and more.

When I heard that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment.I was convinced. My neighbour shared with me how she decided to only eat small amounts of protein, mostly fish during her battle with breast cancer. She did that for a year.After,she added chicken. Today,she’s back to eating everything but slowly weaning herself from acid-forming foods like red meat. It’s a slow process.You would that after her health scare,she would be more motivated. I guess it shows that for change to be permanent,it has to be done slowly.

Examples of acid-forming foods include beef,pork,chicken,most diary products(milk),fried foods,coffee,sugar,artificial sweeteners,alcohol, antibiotics,pesticides,preservatives, shellfish,and peanuts. In the acid-neutral category,we find whole grains,legumes,soy,almonds,seeds,yoghurts,fish,turkey,eggs,and goat cheese.These are preferable over the acid-forming foods in the previous list.

Examples of alkaline-forming include most vegetables such as brocolli,green leafy vegetables,cabbage,carrots,sweet potatoes,yams,cucumbers, bell peppers,squash,tomatoes,and most fruits such as apples,oranges,lemons,bananas, cantaloupe, strawberries,blueberries,,and natural organic dried fruits.

Essential fats necessary for energy, disease prevention and weight management are found in salmon and flax,olive,walnut,sesame,almomd,grapeseed,and canola oils.Don’t panic if many of the items on the first list are in your diet. Remember that,you are making a lifestyle change. It’s not a race. Start eliminating acid-forming foods, a percent at a time. It could save your life.