Ready For A Decluttering!

Effective scheduling will significantly free up more time,but you may also have to deal with clutter. Have you noticed how much paper still flows into your life,despite all this instant response technology? And if it isn’t paper,it’s all the other stuff that just seems to grow in the closet,office,and basement.Where does it all come from?

Below are some practical tips to help you eliminate clutter and save you from needless stress.

Tips For The Home

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1. Create a space for everything

If you don’t know where something belongs,how do you know where to put it? If you need the item later,how do you know where to find it?

2. Store Similar items together

Categorization is vitally important when you ‘re getting organized. Keep all bill-paying supplies in one place.Gather craft supplies in one basket. When you need to work on something,everything will be easily accessible.

3. Decide Now

Most household clutter results from deferred decisions. “I don’t have time to decide where this belongs,so I’ll put it here for now.” Decide where it belongs,and put it there immediately. It will only take a few seconds and it will eliminate large piles of deferred decisions down the road.

4. Dump Junk Mail Immediately

You know what it looks like,so don’t even open it. Use the FAT system for all mail.

File it —— Action now —–Trash it

5. Be ruthless

If you haven’t used an item in the last two years,you are not likely to need it again.

Do you really want a clutter-free,streamlined home?

6. Don’t keep buying things

Before you buy something,stop and ask:

Do I really need this?

Have I got somewhere to keep it?

Will I use it?

Do I want to be responsible for storing,cleaning,and maintaining yet another item?

Don’t shop unconsciously anymore. Some people work on a one-in,one-out system- good idea!

7. Post your grocery list

Post it where other family members can add items when they run out of something. This will save unnecessary trips to the store,and reduce those, “How was I supposed to know?” discussions.

Tips For The Bed And Bath

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1. Tidy up your closet

Dressing each morning from a chaotic closet affirms that your life is chaotic. Organizers for shoes,hats,sweters,gloves,belts,scarves,pants,handbags,and ties can generate an incredible return on investment by blessing you with more time and less stress in the “search and hunt” process.

2. Be realistic

Don’t keep cloth in the hope that you ‘ll lose weight. If you do,chances are they will either be out of style,or you will want to reward yourself with new items. Get rid of them,and take better care of clothes you do have.

3. Create a sense of serenity

Your bedroom is where you retreat at the end of your day. Shouldn’t this space be clutter-free?

If your intimate space is visually disorganized,you have a constant reminder to do something. It requires a lot of energy to suppress these nagging reminders. Clean out under your bed,behind the dressers, and even in the drawers.

Are the items in your bedroom that needn’t be there?

Assign them new homes in other areas of your home. When you awaken, refreshed from a good night’s sleep,you don’t want to be sorrounded by clutter. Any amount of disorganization detracts from your room’s serenity.

4. Streamline your morning

Your morning routine should energize you for the day,not wear you out before the day begins. Toss those old tubes of lipstick you no longer use. Experts tell us our makeup needs to be replaced about every six months because bacteria grows on it.

How long have some of those compacts been around?

Clear out your drawers and only put in what’s essential to your daily routine. Half-used shampoo that you no longer use- donate it to a homeless shelter.

Tips for the office

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1.Word processing programs

Use a word processing program to type long emails. That way,you can edit and send by a simple cut/paste method or by attachment.

2. Email addresses/Reply

Update your email address book regularly. Put “no reply needed” on the end of the e-mail. Don’t waste time opening thank- you e-mails.

3. E-mail handling

Handle your e-mails once or twice a day-no more. Be rigid about the time you spend dealing with e-mails. Often they are time-wasters.

4. Leadership meetings

If you have a leadership role at work,consider stand-up meetings that are no longer than fifteen minutes. Use a small boardroom table to stand around for quick efficient meetings.

5. Business meetings

Keep meetings to a minimum each week. Set a specific start/ end time,and stick to it. Circulate an agenda in advance. Make sure Action Steps are clarified in the meeting and followed through.

6. Important phone calls

When making important phone calls,write out a short agenda and your expectations before you call. Take notes during the conversation about anything that requires specific action.

7. Driving

If you drive a lot in your business,always have plenty of spare change for parking along with extra business cards,stationery,thank-you cards and brochures in the car.

8. Technology

Use technology to help you free your time,boost profits and reduce stress.

Review all of these ideas and pick out the ones that appeal to you,then start organizing and simplifying your life. This will free up your time too. Letting go of the clutter will create room for new experiences and will release your energy. More time and more energy is exactly what you are looking for.Go ahead now!