Improving on your belief system.

Negative beliefs can be held in your energy fields for many lifetimes and can really impact on your present life experiences. If you keep on accessing them,definitely they are going to stop you from creating and living the life you desire for yourself. Even though these beliefs can be cleared energetically, you may still need to consciously work towards restraining your mind to think differently. If you are a person who has a strong mental body.

We are put in this planet only once and to limit ourselves to the familiar is a crime against our minds.

Roger Ebert

Whether you are working with negative beliefs from a past life time(often held at the subconscious level) or negative beliefs from this lifetime(often taken from other people), they will ultimately create your reality because your beliefs are always self-affirming. Though,not all beliefs are negative,but if they are hindering you from creating something new or different in your life,then you certainly know this belief is not serving you in a postive way. You may need to establish a state of consciousness where you begin to break this limiting beliefs in the following ways:

Set a strong Intention

When you create a new intention,you state to yourself and to the universe that you are going to do something new and different. Start by focusing your mind on anything entirely new in your life. Forget the old or the things that did not work. It is time to reinvent the wheel and see possibilities around you.

By setting strong intention,I meant that you must do the following:

Believe You Matter

You are important. There is value to your life. You are a person of self-worth. This makes a tremendous difference to the world that you exist. There are things you were meant to do and become in this side of eternity and it matters you do and become them.

You matter because you are not an accident,you belong to a human family and most especially God family.

Those people who have limited themselves by the belief that their upbringing have a lot to do with whi they are right now may not have a self-worth or value and will not likely treat themselves very respectfully or demand it from others.

Believe That Life Matters

Not only do you matter,but life itself matters. How you use it therefore matters. What you do to squander the moments or use or use them to their fullest matters. You are given only one mortal life to discover and fulfil your purpose,to develop our talents,abilities, and characters,to love,and to lead and become the best you can.

Life is creative,dynamic,wonderful,and sometimes bewildering. You must understand life inorder to enjoy it. The people who believe this truth are those who treat life with respect and fill it with action.

Ditch The Past Misgivings

The truth is,if you continue to dwell on the misgivings of yesterday,you will be held bound by it and you not move forward by doing so.To break the cycle of the limiting beliefs,you need to accept today and all that it has to offer. When you fail to give up on what yesterday did to you,life will continue to be unfair and that us really a false belief.

Accept The Totality of Who You are.

Understand this truth. You are unique and original. You must quit trying to wear mask everywhere you appear. Start by looking inwards and believing in yourself. If you do not,no one will.

Take stock of all that has happened from past to present and sum them in a simple sentence-This is my unique identity. Let this form the basis of how you see yourself now-a strong,better,and positive man or woman. This new belief will ultimately transform your perception about yourself and the people in your life.

Believe you can become virtually anything you desire to be. Believe in the amazing exceptionalism of the human will,believe in the resiliency of the human spirit. No matter how far away you are today from where desire to be. Believe you can develop those attributes,attitudes, and skills necessary to rise to the level of your willingness to grow and succeed.

Dig down deep in search of the hidden potential and polish it up to a golden shine. It is there,perhaps buried under the mud and debris of childhood trauma. But believe it can be found. Go ahead and do so.

Life has no limitations except the ones you make.

Les Brown

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