Dealing With Worry

Now,when it comes to worry,I know I’ve I had my own share.Lool.

I don’t know why I got so stucked in the rut that I never seem to care about it’s negative effect. I just worry about everything and the people I care alot about. I realised at the end of the day that I feel so tired and out of touch. It’s actually an energy waster.

Worry is so much part of our thinking process.

Here’s why we should not allow it to permeate our life.

Like guilt,worry promote doom and gloom thinking. When we worry,we promote ourselves with disturbing thoughts and images of what we don’t want to happen. It can immobilize us so badly that we are unable to take concrete actions. Worry is the misuse of of our imagination. It is projecting something negative into future that hasn’t happened yet,and almost 95% of the time,what we worry about never happens. Interesting!

Roy T. Benneth,In his book,The Light in the heart said, “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control,shift your energy to what you can create.”

So why do we worry about things if it’s such a waste of time and energy? Taking on this energy vampire is like going into a battle. You need to be fore-armed to be successful.

Now,when you realize that worry is about to take over your emotions,pause and take a deep breath. Allow your body to relax.

Reframe your mind. Ask yourself, “What can I do?” If my sister isn’t home yet at such an odd time of the day,I can call her on phone.

Also,if you find your mind futurizing or fretting,find yourself some work to do. If you are at home,you can decide to clean up or rearrange the pantry, or get a book to read. Perhaps,declutter the room.lool.

You can as well go on a visit to the mall next to you or call a friend. All these will help to occupy your mind.

For me,each time worry wants to set in,I pick up a book from the library in my study room while I read till I sleep off. Sometimes,I listen to soft music and it has helped me a great deal.

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  1. Very true, worry drain us of energy and has negative effects to the body over time. Learning not to worry or how to suppress it when it comes is important. Thanks

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