The Perfectionist And The Expectation Game.

Talk about freaking perfectionists,I’m not an exception.

(Never mind,I’m gradually recovering from it)

Perfectionist are fond of raising expectations. Here we go. Lool.

If you truly want to have a healthy relationship,then quit the high-expectation game and take people for who they are. It’s that simple.

God will always place the people we need in our lives and not those we think we want.

If you often raise expectations on how you want people to treat you,then be ready for a big disappointment. I mean,take the shift off people for once.

There are ways two ways to be happy. Improve your life or lower your expectations.

Omobola Stephen

Now,I’m not saying that having expectations is unhealthy. However,controlling each outcome and having everything your way isn’t good.

Unmet expectations keep perfectionists frustrated and miserable.

One way to check your expectations is by uncovering the should on yourself like,

  • I should always be prepared.
  • I should never look unkempt.
  • I should always be clean.

And to others like,

  • You should do as I say.
  • You should take the kids out for leisure.
  • You should always bring home some goodies.

Often what we demand of ourselves,we also demand of others and this is not healthy anyway.

Perfectionists are into making rules. They have rules for everything. Oh yes we do! Lool.

Rules for arranging the closet. Cleaning the home. Taking care of the car. I mean rules.

How I wish you can see the condition of my room right now. It’s in an awful state. But I don’t care any more. Since the day I realised that being a perfectionism is a sucker punch,I decided it was time to let things fly.

Now,when I’m ready,I can tidy my room.

To relationships,if there too many rules,it can suffocate people.

Ask yourself, “What is more important to me,relationships or my rules?”

Today,I’m encouraging you to challenge your expectations. Ask yourself:

  • What is my expectations.
  • What’s my reward for having this expectations?
  • What’s my reward for not having this expectations?
  • What will happen if I let go?

Which would you prefer: raising expectations or building healthy relationships?

When you stop expecting people to be perfect,you can like them for who they are.

Omobola Stephen


  1. I was literally thinking about this the other day! Expectations lead to a lot of hurt, hard not to have them like you said. Great post! đź’ť

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