What Is Guiding And Motivating Your Attitudes Or Actions?

You only live once. But if you work it right,once is enough.

Fred Allen

How can you work it right? By knowing your values and living by them everyday.Do this and you will have few regrets in your life.

When you are feeling good and everything’s going your way,it’s not difficult to consistently live out your values.However,when your values determine you should take an action that will hurt you or cost you something,it can be harder to follow through.

As a leader,it’s absolutely important to lead others by the values you embrace. Though it may alienate you from others but not from yourself.

Most people get into trouble when their values and their feelings collide.

If one of your values is integrity and you found out that an item was mistakenly dropped in your cart while shopping, returning it won’t be a difficult thing for you to do. However,if you found your boss sleeping with your fiancé in the office and you knew calling the attention of others would get you fired. Of course, that will be a difficult thing to do especially when you know that losing your job might cause you your house or ruining you financially.

This is what happens,successful people do what’s right no matter how they feel about it. They don’t expect to be able to feel their way into acting. They act first and then hope that their feelings will follow suit.

True, life changes begins when you decide to change your value system because it is foundational to everything you do.

The day I realized this truth,I began to discipline myself in ensuring I live up to my values. Moreso, I surrounded myself with folks who share the same values as mine and those who equally help me improve on them as each day passes.

What I did was that,I jot down my values in a little book and at the end of each day, I spend a minute reviewing and reflecting on each of those values. This way,I stay on track and I’m less likely to drift away from living them out. Hey! Not coming on so easy though.

Try not to become men of success.Rather, become men of value.

Albert Einstein

Now,managing your life according to your values isn’t easy.Why? Because your values will be tested daily by those who do not embrace them.Negative people may discount you when you display a positive attitude. People without families may not understand your devotion to your family. Unreachable people won’t understand your devotion to personal growth. And those whose priorities are different from yours will try to convince you to follow them or make unwise compromises.

Here is a simple tip to help you by:

* Once you have created your lists of values,write a descriptive statement for each one explaining how you intend to apply it to your life and what benefit or direction that will bring. Keep the document where you can see it everyday. Think about your values often to help them soak in. As you go through your day and face decisions,measure your choices against your values. And whenever it’s appropriate,talk about them.It not only cements your values in your mind and helps you to practice them,but it also adds a level of accountability.

Fact sheet*

If you talk your values but neglect to walk them,then you will continually undermine your integrity and credibility. And this will happen even if you are unaware of your behavior and are not doing it intentionally.

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