10 Of My Favorite Feelings Will Actually Do

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For me,this is good fun.
To be able to connect back to my feelings both old and new is a great way to appreciate both the littlest /minutest and the bigger things of life. They are feelings that I will always nurture and cherish for as long as I can.


List out 10 of your favourite feelings! It’s honestly just that simple


On the Ol’ school student association platform
There is a surge of feelings of happiness and gratitude I get when I’m on the platform talking about anything and everything with my girlfriends. Every conversation is actually worth it.

Remembering an Ol’ time friend.
A feeling of gratitude is something I get when I remember an ol’time friend of mine who doubled as a good samaritan when life brewed its bitter galls on me. She’s someone I have come to respect with the passage of time.Fast forward to this day and I still can’t get her out of my mind.

My bedroom
That kind of feeling you get when you have been drowned in work! work!! Work !!! from top to bottom and it’s time to have a good night rest. My bedroom is just one place to get that succor.

A Valued Friendship

Of course! I’m a relationship person and this is why I kinda treasure each one that made a huge impact in my life.
There’s an exciting yet indescribable feeling I get each time I see a call come through on my phone from one out of those treasurable relationships.

My Car
It’s time to hit the road and one good place to start out with a great feeling of calmness and serenity is when I step into my car. Enuff said.

My Bedside Radio
Ha!Ha!!Ha!!! I’m a music lover. Hey! Let’s go down low- That soft music that makes you wanna start life afresh if you are given the chance. But really,I don’t mind.

My Mother
You all know how it feels when you are with that special person who brought you to the world and who you have survived the toughness of life with. It’s a feeling of renewed sense of hope and positivity.

My Podcasting and Blogging career
It’s a feeling of positivity and sense of fulfillment each time I’m in the WordPress community and reading up life-changing contents written by truly amazing friends.
And what about podcasting? As a newbie on the block,there’s a feeling of pride and true fulfilment that overwhelms me each time I receive positive feedbacks from listeners across my podcast distribution platforms. I’m overly spurred to want to give my very best each time I’m in my work mode.

In the Shower
Waoh! What a feeling of serenity that I have when I’m in the shower; when I have to peep through the curtains to see the birds chirp on the tress and on roof tops; the leaves on the trees blowing here and there and to view some beautiful edifices close by.

At the Spa
When you decide it’s time to focus on yourself,you know how it feels.Especially when you are being given that TLC of a thing at the spa. It’s a feeling of reconnection with one’s inner being.


Really it’s been a worthwhile stuff for me.

Now,I’m going to be nominating some people inorder to keep up with the fun and continue to spread love in the community. Though it’s open to all. Feel free to join in if you are interested and kindly let me know in the comments section if you want your name added.

In addition,please feel free to express yourself in the best way you can. No harm intended!

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  1. Thank you so much for your shout-out. I can clearly associate with all your feelings. and likes the bedside radio too.

  2. This is such a great idea! I will definitely make a post on this hun, thank you so much for nominating me 😊 I enjoyed reading your 10 favorite feelings. Look out for my blog post some time this week! πŸ’—

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