Focus On Your Own Ideal Of A Healthy Body Image

When it comes to body image,millions of women have lost their minds. This problem seems to be getting worse. Majority of women blame the mirror for the image they see. So what? What is the obsession with image? Of course,we want to look our best and stay youthful,firm,and healthy as long as we can. And what about our sex lives? We say, “What if he sees my stretch marks,or notices my cellulite?” These hangups are extremely distracting. Instead of enjoying intimate relationships,we are preoccupied with covering up or dimming the lights. It’s absurd,yet tragically true. But why is the majority of us so self-critical,seeing only our defects and misplaced curves? One of the main culprits is the media- magazines,movies,television and advertising. We are totally bombarded.

  • Look ten years younger in five minutes.
  • Have the body you want in two short weeks.
  • Finally,a diet that works-eat cabbage.
  • Remove those wrinkles forever.

Just take a look at the magazine covers on the newsstand. Models portraying the definition of beauty are all tall,skinny,gorgeous with bodies like goddesses and sparkling white teeth. Little wonder women develop a low self-worth and self-image. The media don’t provide many role models to restore our droopping self-image.

Life is not a stress rehearsal

Loretta La Roche

Sadly,anxiety and feelings of dissatisfaction about body image forces some women to take drastic measures . Fad diets,diuretics,and other quick-fix weight loss gimmicks are now common place.

If you are already hooked by this,you need to put a stop. The constant need to live up to an unrealistic image will definitely take a toll on your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Hey! Pause and ask yourself? Why I’m doing this? Who am I trying to impress? What is my reward at the of these pursuits?

In all of these distractions,the obvious missing link is self-acceptance. This means,liking yourself,no matter what shape or size you are.

Don’t be deceived. Turn off the dull roar of the media blitz. See it for what it is. Corporations profit from our low body image,marketing products that may not be healthy or helpful.

When you focus on your own ideal of a healthy body image,you will have a much better chance of reaching your goals. This means understanding what styles look good on you, knowing how to enhance your best features,working to reach a healthy weight for your body,and eating whole healthy foods.

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  1. Nice article. True, social media and marketing has led to lots of anxieties and pressure all in the aims of profiting by pushing their agendas.

    So much can be gained though through learning delayed gratification, being your own person and realistic.

  2. I’ve just nominated you for the Vincent Ehindero award. Feel free to accept it♥

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