Value Each Day

If you want to maximize your talent and fulfil your life’s dream,you need to make every action count. You must determine where you want to go and how to get there.

People who are undecided about what they want to do or where they want to go cannot tap into their strenght of will or their talent. As a result,they will merely drift along.

Author, Bill Copeland advises, ” You have removed most of the roadblocks to success when you know the difference between motion and direction.”

Have you asked yourself what you really want to do? And have you determined that you will pursue it against the odds despite the obstacles, and regardless of the circumstances? Being intentional is about focusing on doing the right thing, moment by moment,day to day,and then following through with them in a consistent way.

As President John F. Kennedy asserted, “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

Here are ways you can make each day count,

  • Do something important
  • Have control over your mental and emotional state(how you react to and interpret external events.)
  • Spend a lot of time doing things you love( a flow activity)
  • Have full control over where you are and where you actually are.

You must value today as much as tomorrow.

Now, have you ever catch yourself saying, “I will do it tomorrow,” or “It can wait another day.” When you hear these words come out of your mouth,stop! Instead say, “It would be easier or more convenient to do this tomorrow but it’s important to me,so I’m going to do it now.” Then do it. Take action.

Before you go to bed,ask yourself, “Did I make today count? If the answer is No,ask yourself again “What do I have to do differently tomorrow to make sure the day really count?”

Tomorrow is never guaranteed to each one of us so the way we make full use of today will determine the next phase of our lives.

So start now,let the goals be set,and be determined enough to follow through on each one of them. By doing this,you will actually see that you are becoming a better and more reliable person driven by result.

Make everyday count,and you will live a life that counts.