Believing The Lie

So the other day,I with my Godmother got talking about life especially as it concerns relationships and marriages. This was for me an eye-opener as she went on,”Deception is satan’ s greatest weapon in achieving his destructive purpose for marriage. If he can get husbands and wives to believe and act on his lies,he will succeed in putting them in bondage,stealing their joy,and destroying their relationship.Satan twist the truth about marriage by suggesting to women that the purpose of marriage is personal fulfilment and happiness and that they can’t be truly happy without a husband to love them and meet their needs. Once they have a husband,many women start to believe a variation of this lie – My husband is supposed to make me happy. Only after years of heartache did I recognise this folly of this way of thinking. I have tried my best in making my husband accept the fact that he needs to make me happy but it has never paid off anyway.

The truth is that the ultimate purpose of marriage is not to make us happy but to fulfil God’s purpose. Women who get married for the purpose of finding hapiness often set themselves up for disappointment. They seldom find what they are looking for.

Women who believe they need a man in order to be happy often settle for less than the best that God intended for them.Contentment is not found in having everything you need but in choosing to be satisfied with what God has already provided.”

Waoh! The learning still continues….

Hope this blesses blesses your soul?

I sign for FAME