What Sort Of Energy Are You Giving Out?

Aristotle famously said that “The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”

Ilchi Lee, a celebrated South Korean author known for his work on connecting the mind to the body believed that , ‘’The sensation of energy expands with increasing relaxation.” The energy that flows throughout our body is so incredibly powerful that often it can be very difficult to control it. The first thing you must ask yourself in order to achieve a strong flow of energy in your life is what exactly is energy? Many people believe that , in all honesty, everything in the world and beyond is a form of energy. There have been many scientists who have studied the subject of energy that are not within our control, however, the development of our personal energy is most definitely something we can accomplish.
Our energy is an aura of our person and how we manage its power is a reflection of our personality and that aura is made up of numerous thoughts and emotions, and they vibrate throughout our physical being.

Now,the source of energy in the center of our bodies is something that as humans, we must learn to control, as if we are successful in doing so we will have the capacity to create a positive energy in our surroundings and within ourselves.
In all of this, our health is also very important. So we must try not to overload it with food or aliments that will make us feel heavy weighted or lethargic in our demeanor. The lighter we feel in our bodies and in our spirit, the better we will feel mentally and the flow of energy inside of ourselves will expand and leave room for more positive vibes and will create space for inner energy to flow. Trying our possible best to completely free our heart from any feeling, emotions, or sentiments that we may be holding onto from the past, present and future is key to unlocking positive energy into our lives so that we can grow. Our spiritual energy needs to breathe and move freely inside of us, so holding onto moments and thinking of them negatively will prevent us from moving forward.

Often,the biggest concerns we have are about things that have happened in the past or what may potentially happen in the future. However, when it comes the past, if you do not let things go and tell yourself that it should remain there and not affect your life in this moment, then you are not leaving room to enjoy the moments that present themselves in your present. What I suggest is to train yourself to reach a state where you are almost in a “no mind state”, which takes a lot of practice and may not be easy but it is something that will benefit you more and more overtime. Our thought process is directly linked to our flow of energy. As human beings on earth, we have many thought processes that can affect our daily lives and our emotions if we do not manage them correctly.

Your energy introduces you before you begin to speak.

Every thought you have and every action you take will directly affect your flow of energy throughout the day. This includes everything you think , say ,do and everything you don’t do. There’s no magic way to create positive energy, it is up to you and I to do so.
Here are two important steps to start training and developing that positive energy in the core of your body.

Adopt the Law of Attraction
This is a state that encourages you to adopt thoughts and belief systems that sends out powerful vibrations and in response you are rewarded by the universe. Our thoughts often turn to reality. It is up to us to encourage a thought process that is positive. If you tell yourself “I can’t do this,” then believe me you will never achieve what you set out to accomplish. Naturally, we often want to embrace those negative thoughts when we are unhappy like anger, despair, shame, fear, and regret. But with determination, your emotional state will naturally turn towards feelings of gratitude, joy, love, and hope. The inner calm and stillness of mind brought about an attitude of meditation shifts your vibrations to a higher frequency hence turning you into a magnet for positive experiences, setting your life on the highest and best possible course.

You attract the energy that you give out. Spread good vibes. Think positively.

Releasing Resistance
Trying to swim toward a wave will result in pulling you back and will make you work harder. It will also use more of your energy than necessary when you could swim with the current at a steady flow. Well often we put pressure on our energy flow due to going against natural currents that could make our lives easier. Whilst it may feel like we want everything to be perfect all the time, we must always remember that this is not possible. So why would we want to make things difficult for ourselves and try to control every aspect of our lives when that could mean we miss out on an opportunity that could create something incredibly positive? The art and stillness that comes with the practice of meditation has long shown evidence of a better life filled with happiness, better health, and more success.