What Label Are You Representing?

Roles represent a part of your life ,and the same goes to labels. However wearing the wrong label can change who you are at a core level if you buy into them.

My neighbour onced shared with me how her niece labeled herself as ugly. She recounted instances where her niece would look at the mirror and tell herself, I am so ugly.When I look at my my older sister,I see beauty.”she would lament”

Really that was a self-imposed label she put on herself.

Labels can be imposed from the inside(self-talk),or externally(by others). Have you been branded with any of these labels:fat,dummy,ugly,blabbermouth,mummy’s boy,good for nothing,playful, scattered? That’s a small sampling. Some parents unwittingly pin these labels on us and we retain them into maturity. Some of these old labels may need to be challenged and eliminated.

Most of us have missed opportunities,skipped great offers just because we have allowed a label define who we are. Remember brand labels like Gucci,feragamo,Givenchi,Hugo Boss, Channel,Dolce&Gabanna,Versace etc. We would always love to have their labels on our clothes,bags,shoes,sunglasses,and belts because they are brand names and everyone wants to be associated with a brand that has made a mark in the industry. Anytime we put any of these labels on,we are communicating to those around us that we represent the designer behind the brand label. So it is for anyone who is putting on a label called restless. If he/she identifies with such a label and chose to wear it around,then that becomes an identity.

What labels are you carrying around?If there’s a perceived payoff,they will be difficult to eliminate. Excavating the real you requires exploring,evaluating and eliminating your labels.

Names can and do hurt. You have got to be careful what you call people. Even if your excuse is “I was only joking.” Sometimes,some events trigger off these label placements like, “I just went through a painful divorce,I am a failure when it comes to marriage.”

Magaret Young says, “Often people attempt to live their lives backward;they try to have more things or more money to do more of what they want so they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are them do what you need to do in order to have what you want.”

Unless we base our sense of identity upon the truth of who we are,It’s impossible to attain true happiness

-Brenda Shoshanna

Do you remember any labels lately, if they have impacted your life negatively its time you become deliberate and take your mind off them. Live your life normally and accept yourself for who you are.