Responsibility Lessons

How good are you about taking care of the small stuff? That really is the prerequisite for being given responsibility for the big stuff. And even if you are being entrusted with huge responsibilities, you must not neglect details in your primary area of responsibility. You also never outgrow the need for responsibilities for small things with the people closest to you suc h as your spouse or children. Give yourself a review. Are you taking care of the details in your job? How about at home? How often do you forget small things that are big thing for your family members? It can be as forgetting an anniversary or birthday,or it can be as small as not picking up dry cleaning or being late for a child’s game or recital. If you are neglecting small things,then get back to the baics.

First of,what are the responsibility lessons below are you finding pretty difficult to live out consistently?

●Practicing self-discipline-Denying yourself for the sake of something or someone more important.

If this is your trouble area,seek assistance from someone who can lend expertise,give you some guidelines,and help you put together a budget. If your health is an issue, see a doctor. If you are overweight,talk to a trainer and a nutritionist.

●Following through- Taking responsibilities to completion.

If you have a tendency to quit,give yourself relatively small goals which require you to stretch. Begin in areas where you have passion. Then with a few wins under your belt,begin tackling other areas of your life.

●Knowing when others are depending on you- Being there for others.

People with this problem area often lack people skills or are too self-centered. If people skills are your problem,then read a book like Dale Csrnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People or John Maxwell’s, Winning with People. If you are too self-focused,then volunteer to help people in serious need.

●Stepping forward- Not expecting someone else to do what’s important to you.

Take time to review your passion areas,identify your core values and so on. Check if you are taking action in these areas. If you are not,take a bold step. Volunteer,give financially,join an organization,or start your own. Do something by the end of this week.

Wish you all the best.