Erika Stoerkel is a lead generation and launch strategist consultant.

As a Certified Online Business Manager, she helps her clients take their zone of genius which they have built into their course and create a launch strategy to increase marketing and sales.

Here is an excerpt interview discussion she had with Life Well lived by Omobola Stephen .

LWL: Can we meet you.

ES: I’m a launch marketing strategist. I got a certification in online business management. What I’ve found out I really love was launch marketing.I help small business scale their business with injecting marketing visibility, a plan for the content they produce inorder to direct their ideal customers to the product or services they are trying to promote to increase sales.

LWL:You help CEO’s scale their business organically. How do you achieve this.Are there any challenges?

ES: The biggest thing with scaling a business is looking at launch marketing. I have a framework I use for all of my clients. We start from the analyse phase where we look for contents for email marketing…..

LWL: How are you able to balance your workload in terms of work- life-family balance?

ES: Definitely a delicate balance. It’s something that’s learned overtime. How much can you fill on your plate versus anything that looks amazing that you want to go and try…..

LWL:Can you tell me what you have done in the past-Interms of your marketing job?

ES: So far launches. Different launches for clients. Online courses about interior designs,nutrition,sales,body image,mindset…….

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