Laurie Herbers is an empowerment coach and author. Her journey to self discovery is amazing after she suffered emotional abuse as a child. However,she has chosen to turn all the pain of her past to power and to love all pieces of herself inspite.She has an inspiring journey to share.

Life well lived by Omobola Stephen caught up with her somewhere and here’s the excerpt of their discussion on self love and self acceptance.

LWL: Can you tell us about yourself and what you do?

LH:I’m a single mum and I basically change my world from hate to love yourself;put and now I help guide others inward so that they can have their best life so they can be authentic and basically heal any wound and any memory they are carrying with them…..

LWL: Can you tell me your experience with emotional abuse. Did it stem from your family or relationships?

LH: Well,growing up,I was the fourth child. My dad really only wanted two but the first two were girls so they tried and one more they had a boy and they wanted another one……

LWL: Why is emotional abuse less often talked about compared to physical abuse?

LH: I think because I didn’t know.It was not until in my late mid-20’s that I realised that I was emotionally abused because its so popular and you just assumed that that was how everyone talks to people…..

LWL: Does it mean that the words our parents said to us are self-inflicted or others-inflicted. Most times,they are others-inflicted. Words that have shaped us and our perception to life. What can you say to that?

LH: One thing that I thought about is that… because when we were born…… we have different kinds of gifts, spiritual gifts. If your parents don’t have it and you do…..

LWL:As parents,what do you think we can do?

LH: First of all,Zer judgement. It’s easy to go down the shame spiral. “Oh,my gosh,I did that.”……..

This is a very interesting and eye-opening discussion. And I don’t want you to miss the full gist. Simply click the link below and search for E105:Loving and accepting oneself with Laurie Herbers.


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