Living according to the “opposite spirit” means acting contrary to what is expected in our world. The Holy Spirit living in us allows us to move in the opposite spirit of what we naturally want to do in our flesh. As God moves on our behalf, He fights the battle for us in the spiritual realm. We defeat the Enemy by doing things God’s way, which is what the kingdom of God is all about. If you enter the mysterious realm of the opposite life, you will need to adjust your thinking and undergo a paradigm shift in your heart and mind, because living this way will go against your natural instincts. You will need to first know the One who created this kingdom way. You cannot do it in your own strength. You need the supernatural strength that comes from salvation. 

Moving in the opposite spirit is one of the highest weapons of spiritual warfare in a Christian’s arsenal, and when used consistently, it is a weapon of mass destruction to the Enemy. It displaces strongholds in the spirit realm over our lives and releases the angel armies to fight on our behalf. This, in turn, yields supernatural results in the natural realm. The rewards are priceless, because when we act in the opposite spirit against the Enemy, we receive a level of freedom, power, and authority the world cannot understand.

In our day-to-day lives, consistently practicing what we preach is what is important. Jesus is our greatest example. He knew the Old Testament scriptures, He led a perfect life, and everything He did brought glory and honor to God. He introduced us to a new kingdom way of living, a way completely opposite of what feels natural. And His way yields supernatural results.

Living according to the Spirit is what makes us different and sets us apart from the world. The Christian lifestyle should stop people in their tracks. And as we live lives opposite to the world’s way of interacting and responding, we can begin to turn the world upside down. Jesus did this when He didn’t follow the expected. He threw the natural things into chaos and caused people to see a different point of view. He acted in a completely foreign way to how most in His time did and He did so with such simplicity and kindness that even children could grasp these new concepts. He loved instead of hated. He gave instead of taking. He served instead of expecting to be served. He forgave instead of seeking revenge.

As the church, God calls us to live unlike the world. Here we are called foreigners, but we are commissioned to go into the world and make disciples, teaching them to obey what Jesus taught. We are to teach them God’s way of doing things according to the kingdom of heaven. This way of life brings the greatest joy and reward and allows us to live free and content to be all we were predestined to be. We begin to live as God intended His children to live: in harmony and unity, with power, abundance, and more blessing than we can contain. Maybe we can become the solution to the world’s decaying problems. Maybe, just maybe, this opposite life has been the secret weapon all along.


How does your Christian life look different from the lives of people in the world?

How is moving in the opposite spirit spiritual warfare? How does God help you in this battle?

Where do you most need God’s help to live His way?